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Fall Practice (8/20/18) 10 Post Practice Coach and Player Video's Added

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Few notes...tons more at the link on individual players

At defensive line, Chinander said he's waiting to see what the rotations will be for Nebraska in the opener. He said he likes the depth he has at that spot. "There's been days when you could say Ben Stille is the best, Carlos Davis is the best guy, Mick is the best guy, Freedom is the best guy," Chinander said. "I think what you're seeing from that group, everybody is playing really well. I haven't seen one guy dominate and be consistent yet."

Inside linebackers coach Barrett Ruud noted Monday that the Huskers will rotate a fair amount at inside linebacker this fall. While Jovan Dewitt pairs his outside linebackers, Ruud said that he has rotated quite a bit this fall. Ruud said during his first season at UCF, the split in reps was 60-40 between starters and second-teamers. With the number of plays that Nebraska's offense will run, Ruud said he prefers not to have his linebackers out playing 85 or 90 snaps per game.