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Fall Practice (8/13/19) Defensive Coaches: Post Practice Video Added & Players


Interesting to hear the coaches talk about Taylor being able to play in a hybrid LB role. Wonder how much we do that in an effort to get the best talent on the field. Probably a bit dependent on Jojo's health.

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Talk on Green is very positive

Expecting him to contribute immediately and push to start at DE/NT eventually

That is how good he is


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:Lol: Lol, keeping looking, man. You might try 2018.
I get it...cold objectivity and reason. As I've said many times before I'm here because I'm a fan and I want to be optimistic and upbeat about the future even if it's a bit unrealistic or irrational based on "the facts." I find the alternatives boring and a downer. Coaches, bookies and analysts should be the objective ones. I'm a fan(atic) with a Red Kool Aid stain on my lips.