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Fall Camp 2022 Practice Thread: 15 Practices: Sunday 13 August Scrimmage (Last Day Of Fall Camp)


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I think our interior is a work in progress behind three guys, both Nash and Ty are good to great,depending on how Nash plays, but need that depth.
But our outside guys are, we will likely 3 really good ones there imo.
Same for all LB positions, need some depth, but very good.

Getting Teddy P up to speed against a better pass rush, or Bryce is exactly what we need, and on tape mind you, Raiola and Whip should complement styles here, and we should have good power, when we need it, but not just that.

We need those tackles to handle the fast rushers, we get that and we'llbe fine imo.
Teddy limited Hutchinson to 0 sacks until he blew out his knee against Michigan last year. He's a long-armed dude and can move his feet well for a big. Just hope he can stay healthy.
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