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Not unheard of for NE to take on a guy with sone baggage....first round talent if he can get his life back together....good place to land....and with the right coach....would not be surprised if Bo spoke to Belicheck.....
That's the first thing I thought of when I saw him get picked.


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Looks like this former Husker may have played a role in drafting Alonzo by the Pats.

"He studies every upperclassman who might qualify as an NFL prospect. From game film to practice-field body language. You're bound to look bad in this business from time to time. But Licht doesn't want to miss someone from his backyard.
Saturday afternoon, his two worlds collided.
Nebraska cornerback Alfonzo Dennard, who spent last weekend in a Lincoln jail, had slipped to the fifth round, then the sixth, then the seventh. Finally, at pick No. 224, New England stopped the free fall.
Dennard was a Patriot.
What role did Licht play in that decision?
A good scout would never tell." http://www.omaha.com/article/20120428/BIGRED/704289847


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From today's paper in New England:

Last Monday, Nebraska football coach Bo Pelini was asked by reporters if the weekend before the NFL Draft was a bad time for cornerback Alfonzo Dennard to be in trouble with the law.

Pelini's response: "Ya think?"

Dennard's misfortune became a bonanza for the Patriots on Saturday, bringing them a player of first- or second-round caliber at a bargain-basement price. The Cornhusker corner, involved in a bar fight last weekend and arrested on charges of assaulting a police officer, dropped like a stone in the drafting order before Bill Belichick plucked him off the board with the 224th overall selection.
Belichick is a builder of football teams. He just got a good deal in his eyes...and his eyes have been pretty accurate in the past. The question is, how is 'Fonzo going to deal with Danny Woodhead in practice. ;) :D
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