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CWS Tickets


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I have two tickets to Game 1 Saturday and planned to go with my son. His plans have changed, would anyone be interested in buying them?

Section 136, Two rows up from the RF bullpen (Stanford). I'm just asking to get my money back: $80. Face = $28 + $12 Ticketmaster service charge :mad:

I can transfer to a valid email after receiving payment through Paypal. Offering to HM members only. Contact me through PM if interested.

(NOTE: I was going to post this on the Ticket Swap thread; but, sadly, there has been no reason for anyone to check there for a LONG time... )


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Sold through Ticketmaster, resulting in even more fees from both me and the buyer. I'm all for a fee as part of the business model; in this case Ticketmaster made $48 on 2 tickets priced at $28 face value.

Original fees for my purchase: $24
Fees to me for reselling: approx $14
Fees to buyer of resales: approx $10


Put Me In Coach
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I've bought concert tickets through them where the fees were more then the tickets;