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Comcast, BTN & Fox reach agreement

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Comcast is not a provider in many states so there's no impact. From what I understand IF your state has a team in the Big Ten you'll be getting BTN. If your state doesn't have a team in the BIG then Comcast double speak BS says at some point in time BTN will be available. This assume you have their optional sports package which I'm paying for but no longer have it. That alone makes me extremely annoyed in that I'm paying for a sports package that Comcast changed.

I'm just going to drop Comcast and try another service to make sure I get all the Nebraska games. These cable companies suck and could not care less what their customers want.........
After Comcast dropped BTN in Colorado months ago, I did some research. It appears that Comcast isn't concerned at all about cord cutters for a couple reasons. First, as one of the best choices for high speed internet, their internet business has skyrocketed as cord cutting has progressed. Basically, they don't care if people drop their cable service. Secondly, it appears they will be reserving their highest speed internet packages for their cable customers. You will be welcome to get internet only from Comcast...you just wont be able to get the fastest internet they offer. Basically, they got you by the proverbial short hairs. LOL.
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Just got this press release in my inbox:

PHILADELPHIA, PA and LOS ANGELES, CA (August 24, 2018) – Comcast Corporation and Fox Networks Group announced today that they have reached an agreement for Comcast to continue carrying the Big Ten Network. The companies also reached an agreement for Comcast to continue carrying all of the Big Ten games on FS1.

Under the terms of the agreement, Comcast will continue to offer Big Ten Network to its customers who reside in states with Big Ten universities (Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin). Xfinity customers in Delaware, the District of Columbia, and the Northern Virginia/Beltway area will also continue to receive the network given their proximity to Big Ten schools. In addition, in the coming months, customers outside of the Big Ten states will have access to the Big Ten Network as part of Comcast’s Sports and Entertainment Package.
Sorry, I've gone all Carole King on Comcast...

I've signed up with U-Verse (return after two years with Comcast) earlier this week and my installation is scheduled two days before the season starts.

BTW, as I read the release it might be December before they make it available in Texas...