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Cleveland Indians >>> Cleveland Guardians

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It makes no difference to me, but if I was a Cleveland fan I would have preferred "Spiders" which was the team's name in the late 1800's and presents a lot of cool logo and mascot possibilities.

Naming the team after a couple of statues on a bridge seems kind of stupid.
Seminole and its use dont offend. The tribe typically endorses its use
Because FSU for decades has talked openly with the Tribe and receives input from the tribe regarding behavior and regalia worn and used by the U. While there is no monetary gain is reported by the tribe..guessing there might be a box seat or two there.


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Some of you may have taken the time to read what Guardians references in the city of Cleveland.

Otherwise, if you aren't from Cleveland and/or a fan of their MLB team, this truly shouldn't make you either happy or sad. It falls into the large bucket of "okay, whatever."

I understood the 'Guardians' reference as I've been to Cleveland quite a few times and been given some good history lessons on the area. I had no idea it was one of the wealthiest parts of the country back in the day and it's really not the crap hole everyone thinks it is. The city has a chip on it's shoulder, but in a cool way if that makes any sense.

On the name change, I'm neither happy nor sad, but a bit of history goes with the name. I don't think we need to continue to do that with every facet of our 'culture'. I haven't seen the pushback associated with 'Redskins', which was blatantly racist as was chief Wahoo. The word 'indian' in and of itself seems to only be offensive to white people with an agenda. For me, it'll be 'okay, whatever', but for people invested in the history of the Cleveland Indians, I understand the angst.


Indians are becoming the Guardians. This will make some people happy and make some people mad.

It's an absolute travesty the these snowflakes will not allow our Native American brothers be represented in this country as the warriors they are. Go Vikings!!!!


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I would willingly suggest that while there is disagreement among Native Americans, the majority dont appreciate some of the Mascots used by sports teams. And each word is its own case for some, with each holding its own reactions. "Chiefs" dont exist only among NAs, thus the name in and of itself may not be at issue, but the use of a NA image with it might. That name, however, was mockingly used in our history.
Seminole and its use dont offend. The tribe typically endorses its use. But then, the moniker is not derogatory, isnt a misnomer as "Indian" is, and not different from the proper name "Celtic". Blackhawk is the name of an animal, from which a famous NA was named. It isnt owned by NAs, unless a NA image is used with it. Change the image, keep the name.
And your title, "Warriors", again didnt denigrate, nor are NAs even remotely the only folk to utilize the term/concept. Warriors have and do exist in all corners. The image....
The problem is the use of imagery along with the name. Cleveland Indians itself isn’t bad but along with some of the earlier imagery of Chief Wahoo contributes to the cause to change names.

Marquette Warriors used Indian imagery in its logo’s and mascots. Frankly very well done and non offensive in my opinion yet the Jesuits in an effort to get ahead of the issue changed the name 30 years ago to Golden Eagles. Completely not necessary but done so to be completely politically correct.

KC Chiefs … not sure how they avoid the issue except there icon and imagery is very non specific … doesn’t call out one segment of the Indian culture like Blackhawks, Sioux or Seminole.

Chicago Blackhawks … again their imagery has always been fairly respectful and truthfully the outcry from any subset possibly offended has been extremely small and muted. You wonder if the teams leadership has been proactive in that regards?

You wonder who’s next?
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I just watched Major League again last night and realized this name change will cause the film to be a relic.

Kids in the future will think "Indians" is just a made up Hollywood team instead of the actual Cleveland team.



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KC Chiefs … not sure how they avoid the issue except there icon and imagery is very non specific … doesn’t call out one segment of the Indian culture like Blackhawks, Sioux or Seminole.
I think the Chiefs went unnoticed for a long time, because they play in the midwest and were not really successful as a franchise. Now that they have Patrick Mahomes, and will be playing more primetime and playoff games, the pressure will turn up on the organization. The organization has tried to tone down some of the Native American imagery over the past decade, but as a fan, I think it'll be inevitable that they'll have to pivot to something else. I've seen the idea that if a name change should happen, that Fire Chiefs would work, especially with the team's red/golden yellow color scheme. We'll see.