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Celtics vs Warriors

Well, looks like no one has found this thread. Well, here it is, very early Friday morning, and the Warriors took care of the Mighty Celtic defensive team, knocking them off for the NBA Championship!!

Congrats to my Warriors, taking the series in 6, defeating the Celtics by the score of 103-90. The solution to knocking off Boston was simply keeping them under 100 points. Well, that is 4 titles for Curry, Green, Thompson and Iguodala. Many wrote them off as over the hill, while the only problem they truly had were injuries. Overall, this was the 7th NBA title for the Warriors, dating back to Philadelphia. :)

So, just want to say to Kevin Durant, you had the chance to stay with a winning team, but your fragile ego got in the way. Enjoy your stay in the east, Kevin! :Rolf:
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Perkins seems to have no respect for Steph Curry. Or, is he just stupid? ;)

Perkins played for the Celtics, so we can see why he is just full of crap!! Well, Perk, you are full of it!! You have no respect for one of the greatest shooters in the game, ever. The other night, except for 3's, he played a great game. You need to find another job, buddy. You don't know diddly! :Rolf: :Rolf: :Rolf: :Rolf:

p.s. Steph had 6 3's tonight, 7 rebounds and 7 assists! Oh, and he had 34 points, sir!! And, if you did not hear? Yes, he is the MVP!! ;)
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Just want to give big kudos to Steve Kerr. Steve has a total of 9 Championship rings!! He obtained 5 has a player with the Bulls and 4 as a coach for the Warriors!! Congrats, Steve!! :Bow::Bow::Bow::Bow::Bow::Bow::Bow::Bow::Bow:





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