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Big Ten Only Schedule


Waiting for more information and a proposed schedule for volleyball. Hope we have a season this year. This years volleyball team should be very good. How do you think a Big Ten only schedule will effect the team’s chances of getting to Omaha? Will there even be a volleyball tournament this year?
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Red Don

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Chris Heady, OWH, July 9, 2020

Volleyball typically has a heck of a nonconference slate. Early reports of NU’s schedule had a match against Stanford and another against Louisville or Kentucky, though John Cook said last month he was already working on playing more nearby teams to reduce travel expenses.

Creighton also would have been on whatever nonconference schedule he crafted. Now it won’t be.
That Husker-Bluejay match has become a staple in this state and will be missed in 2020. Omaha is still scheduled to host the volleyball Final Four in 2020.
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