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Best singular memory of Nebraska football

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Standing in the the back row of (I believe the N end zone) the stadium in Tempe watching (over the backside of the stadium) Huskers getting ready to walk in for the 2nd half of the National Championship game against Gators….while side-eyeing Rick Neuheisal as he gets shut down by my sister (who was only in highschool) as we all sit in nosebleeds. My brother & I were about to flatten Coach Rick but then I almost felt bad for him trying to act cool after my 17 year old sister told him she didn’t know who he was other than some middle-aged doofus. He left his seat before the middle of the 3rd Q….& The Crowd around us ROARED!


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Simms final fumble in 1978 to seal TOs first win against OU. Partly because I was a student then and it happened right in front of me. But also because the following week we would thrash Missouri to earn a rematch against Alabama in the Orange Bowl which we would also win to earn the first of Nebraska's 9 national championships under Osborne. ;)
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1984 Orange Bowl. The only time I've ever cried watching a football game. I was 12.
(Although, I did tear up when the Cubs finally won the world series in 2016).
At 18 years old, I was able to hold it together that night. Unlike ‘76 OU and the Cotton Bowl against Houston, when the tears were definitely flowing. Two absolute gut punches
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