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Baylor Basketball teams face possible NCAA sanctions


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You know Women's Basketball has arrived when you start seeing stories like this:


Baylor has already self-imposed a number of penalties as a result of the NCAA enforcement staff's probe, which began in 2008 with the recruiting of women's basketball star Brittney Griner. The NCAA enforcement committee sent a summary of its findings to Baylor in October and the committee on infractions could announce as early as this week whether additional penalties will be levied.
The violations don't sound all that horrible, nor do the possible penalties. But, the Baylor Men's program has had some terrible problems in the past, and it is probably a little embarrassing for the Women's program to have this come up right after winning the national title.


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I guess if you win and do well, people want to know why. Glad its not sounding that bad. I had family that went to Baylor so I root for them once in a while. There are so many rules in these sports that I almost think it is hard to avoid breaking some of them even if you are careful, for example, NU's book scam....


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The general view by other coaches on Scott Drew is that he skirts many of the rules and engages in more negative recruiting than anyone. I have always thought the guy was a complete phony.

I have no idea what the view of Mulkey is.