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Battle for Sevastopol WW2 movie

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City of Sevastopol Ukraine country. Used to be USSR block. This is the most gripping war film. Based on true story of Ludmila Pavlichenko and a part of Eleanor Roosevelt.

Yulia Peresild leading actress. Yulia's extra job, real cosmonaut (ISS spaceflight)

Prime Video --- Battle for Sevastopol movie. Myself, well worth it
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That's where Russian transcripts were sent into battle with no weapons. Instructed to pick up weapons from dead soldiers on the ground in front of them.
The markswoman joined the Ukrainian army, not Russia. Sevastopol=Ukraine country. Ukraine-born Lyudmila Pavlichenko and attending Kyiv University.

However after WW2, she moved to Moscow.

In WW2, USA, UK, France, China, Russia, Belgiam, Ukraine, Poland, Canada, etc, etc, etc ..... all allies


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