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B1G Tournament


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I just got thorough listening to the B1G Women's Championship game on ESPN2 (Ohio State beat Maryland 79-69). It was the worst presentation I think I've seen. Video was good but the audio was terrible!!!!! You could barely even hear the announcers over the crowd noise, and when you did it sounded like they were talking through mush. And with all the enthusiasm of a wet noodle. :Bananalazy:

The only time the announcer showed even a modicum of excitement was when the game was about over and he thought he was about to finish. Didn't get their names (Paul Sonderland and Christy Winters Scott), but Seriously I've heard Student U announcers do better jobs of announcing. And this for a CHAMPIONSHIP game!!! :Redface::Redface::Redface:
I only flipped to it off and on because I just can't stand watching ESPiN anymore than I need to. I wish BTN was the one covering the game.