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Avery Roberts granted his scholarship release


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If you go back and look at the 2016 and 2017 recruiting classes, roughly half of those guys are no longer in the program. Crazy, crazy turnover. When analysts say this is a whole new team, they are not joking


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As others have said . . . not really a surprise. Seemed to be brewing since pretty early on after the staff change. It's a whole new ballgame in terms of level of commitment, want-to and expectations. Just doesn't seem like Roberts could buy in and/or get his head around the scheme.

Good luck to him . . . maybe he'll find that spark he needs somewhere else?
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Anybody got any insight on his blinker speed? Or was he just so zoned in he followed Will Jackson's transfer blinker?

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Seems odd to me that he’d go through summer and fall and quit just before the season. I guess he could use his redshirt this year and be ready for next season but still


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It all goes back to Coach Frost's quotes from his 10 August interview:

"Being tough is a mentality. I got the impression from watching from afar that last year when things got tough the team kind of shut it down and quit and they tell me the same thing. I don't want guys that will quit. I want guys that when things get hard they're going to push through and be even better in those situations. Again, that goes back to mentality. I think physically we are getting to a good place. We're strong enough to be physical. The rest of it has to come mentally."

One of those he said that has shown this is Stanley Morgan, Luke Gifford and Mo Barry, Will Honas and Riddick Young. I look for these guys to be starters and/or key contributors!

"But I want a whole team of them, that when we're when they're tired they're going to play even harder, that when we're behind we're going to play even harder. That, in the 4th quarter we're going to play even harder. We got a ways to go to get to that mentality".
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