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Arik Gilbert

So, you've been on his Georgia team? Know whats transpired there? Between all players? Where he fit there?
Focusing on a natty team, different coaches, different players.
Its not all/only about him without going into great detail of potential detail.
MR and staff think he can help the team and they can help him as a young man.
New bridge,new water here
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Would be a hell of a accomplishment if our medical and coaching staff could get that done. Would be first great for Arik and second for our program. Here's hoping Nebraska can make it happen.
Given Nebraska's history of strong support in this area, and the new coaching staffs player-first priorities, if we can't do it, it can't be done IMO. After seeing the films, the juice would definitely be worth the squeeze.
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Dont doubt.
I understand, but he didnt become what he is on just his ability alone.
He has drive and spirit, tools he's used to get him to where he is.

Looks tome he hasnt stopped trying, and yes, he has great support.
Keeping what he's worked very hard for, his goals, his joys is a huge incentive as well, removed, one could argue even harder on him.

I'm hoping for the best for him
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I asked @BigRedMachine not to post this personnel stuff in the Recruiting Forum without verified links which does not include fan posts from another board

So he decided to repost it here

I am going to delete any posts discussing this for all the obvious reasons

Not to mention posting after I asked him not to

Thread ban and vacation time for doing so

We need to be very careful posting personnel information like this without verified links etc

So here is a reliable source that confirms two things

1) He was dismissed from the team at GA

2) He had personnel issues on and off the field

There is nothing else discussed about him in this respect in the article

Kirby Smart was very careful how he worded his statement

Which was my point in deleting the posts I did in both the Recruiting Forum a week or two ago and tonight in this thread


No idea whether this will work out or not . . . but the kid deserves a chance. Tons of talent. Apparently some baggage. Maybe NU has the resources and support to get him on the right track. Maybe not. I suspect Rhule will have a pretty short leash on issues/distractions as he's trying to build the program back.

In the meantime, let's just see where this goes and hope for the upside to shine through.


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