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Anybody miss me?


A work in progress
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Sounds very similar to my wife's timeline. She just passed 6 months since she entered the hospital. (Edit: it's been 6 months... thankfully she didn't "pass" -- thanks to many miracles).

We will pray for your recovery. Hopefully your rehab facility is much better than hers (it couldn't be any worse). And I hope your lungs and muscles are in better shape than hers.

Glad you are back. If your HuskerMax family can do anything for you, just let us know.
It sounds like we were in very similar predicament. I hope your wife has a complete recovery as I hope I can too.

Farmer Jake

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Thanks for all the great replies and thoughts. But no one said they missed me…
On the positive side, no one said they hit you either. But it sounds like you were hit hard enough for all this group. I'm glad you are still with us. Please keep getting better and better. And tell your story. You may be surprised how much help you will give to others (like @Elwood von Kiowa has done) for what you and your family have been through. Sometimes others just need to know they aren't alone. May God stay with you till your recovery is complete.


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Nearly died twice, didn’t get off the ventilator until the beginning of March, had my trach removed two weeks ago and now I have a two week stint At a rehab facility to learn how to walk again
As someone who works with Gene and hangs out with him a couple of nights per week, I am very happy to see him posting again and getting back to functioning closer to normal. Keep getting better my man and when you're ready, come see the gang. You've been missed!