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Another Frost anectote


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So, it turns out that Keanon Lowe - the security guard at a school in Portland who prevented a mass shooting by tackling and disarming a shooter before he could hurt more kids - played football for Frost at Oregon.

Lowe is a former Oregon wide receiver — a pupil of Frost’s. And it was Frost’s teaching that helped Lowe in that split second before he engaged the gunman. “Coach Frost told us that if you haven’t already made up your mind what you would do in an emergency situation, then you are going to be too slow and you are not going to help the situation,” Lowe said to The Athletic.

Very bottom of this article: https://www.omaha.com/huskers/plus/...cle_3e5c8490-fa4f-50a3-8ede-5611a8c95523.html
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