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Angus or Mick

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Ok , Mick is impressive at 80 but now we have Angus at 69 years old embarking on a world tour ,not sure what is more impressive, Here from last week is the opening concert with Brian Johnson and Angus doing a 24 song set with a 17 minute version of Let there be Rock . These guys are defying father time


I’ll throw in Eric Bloom (79) and Buck Dharma (76) from Blue Oyster Cult into the mix. They are still releasing new “albums” and touring. I saw them live a few years ago and was shocked by how good they still are.

Yep they still got it.

What is amazing about Angus is that all the running around , constant head bobbing the things he put his body through his ability to keep it going is impressive

This thread did get me to thinking about other geezers out there grinding. I see Cheap Trick is touring and would love to see them. Rick Nelson 75 and Robin Zander 71 Tom Petersson 75.


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