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Alton Brown's Baby Back Ribs recipe


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I make this every Fourth of July.

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My variations from Alton's recipe are as follows:

A little more cayenne pepper, a little less salt in the dry rub.

I use both Apple Cider and Apple Cider vinegar (along with the other ingredients used by Alton) in making the braising liquid.

Use heavy duty, extra wide tin foil so that it won't rip and will completely cover the ribs while cooking.

I have found that simply using high-quality store-bought BBQ sauce after you take them out of the oven is significantly more flavorful than reducing the braising liquid.

Instead of broiling them in the oven, I throw them on the grill for the final carmelizing stage.


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Pork baby back ribs are easy

Make sure you remove the membrane on the under side of the ribs before you start.
I start by rubbing mustard on the ribs then season as follows
Coat the ribs with mustard
Jane's Mixed Up Seasoning
Chile Powder
Cayenne pepper
Crushed Red Pepper
Garlic powder (fresh crushed garlic is better if you want to take the time)

Wrap in plastic wrap and put the ribs in the fridge over night

Get the smoker to 225 and lots of wood to get a good smoke going and insert the ribs, go have a beverage of your choice make that 4 or five, no need to look at them for 3 hours if you can keep the temp at 225 on indirect heat.

After 3 hours wrap the ribs in foil and put in the oven for 2 hours at 225, then put the ribs back in the smoker for 1 hour, this is when you mop the ribs with sauce if wants them dripping with bbg sauce
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