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On Oct. 19, 1936, the first AP college football poll was compiled.

Nebraska was No. 15 with its only loss coming against No. 1 Minnesota, 7-0.

The Huskers would lose once more, to Pitt, but would finish the season ranked No. 9. Minnesota finished at No. 1 and Pitt at No. 3.

Take a gander at that first poll as it appeared in newspapers the following day:



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Thanks for sharing JHudson!

Some interesting teams in that poll - the St Mary's Gaels from California (WCC) and Marquette both no longer have a football team, Duquesne is a 1AA team, all the Ivy League schools - Yale, Holy Cross, Fordham and B1G domination - Minny, NW and Purdue all in the top 5... different era of football no doubt about it.

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Coaches D.X. Bible & "Biff" Jones were the REAL DEAL back in the day, in fact Coach "Biff" Jones 1st game and victory @ Nebraska was a 14-9 upset over the defending National Champs (Minnesota) in 1937....proof that Cornhusker FB was somewhat relevant before 1962.

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Whoever thought it wasn't relevant (and maybe somewhat more than 'somewhat')?

Several historic games and series with the likes of Army, Carlisle, (even Creighton that we won 102-0 :Eek:), Pitt, Syracuse; and Notre Dame, in the 'Good Ole Days' as well as series with several Big Ten teams.

There was a Significant 11-year series (5-5-1) with Notre Dame from 1915 thru 1925, when the Irish dropped Nebraska from their schedule (in favor of adding USC) because of perceptions of Anti-Catholic prejudice in Nebraska.
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