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2023 Baye Ndongo, 6'10" Forward, OV for Purdue > Rutgers > Decommit > GA Tech

From Senegal (next to Mali, home of Blaise Keita). Promising prospect, 6-10. I don't believe he is rated because I understand he went home to Africa during the summer instead of play AAU ball.

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Nebraska and Colorado: “The way they play the game, it kind of fits how I play. Really all of them play how I want to play. I know if I go there, I will play and I like their style and the coaches.”

Looks like he's going to decide before the end of the year among 5 finalists. He's attended high school in New York and Denver, so he's got some local affinity for Rutgers and Colorado. He knows some players from Senegal at Rutgers, also.

I'm hoping he's been to University of Denver's games as well as the Buffaloes before going to Nebraska for the Purdue game. The Coors Event Center is closer to Magness Arena than Pinnacle Bank Arena by a long shot, and both Denver and Nebraska typically have better fan support.

(tip of the hat to @Red Don for pointing this article out)
Turns out we offered back in October! (I'm liking our chances ;))

Saw this comment elsewhere:
Robin Washut seems optimistic about this, based on such things as Ernie Ziegler's "deep connections in the African basketball community" where Ndongo first started in Senegal.

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Here's an article about Ndongo and what he's thinking about before signing:

I've seen both Colorado and Michigan sites think he's likely to sign with them, so I'm pretty sure no one knows. With any luck, Ndongo will visit Rutgers on Feb 14th to witness Nebraska winning on the road. :)
De-committed from Rutgers (reportedly going to Georgetown)

We were in his top Five! (Do we still have a chance?)



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