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2022 Husker offers


REDo posts matter!!!
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REDo - thanks for doing this. I was kind of pushing that one "recruiting" thread along, this is better. I'll contribute as I go.

BTW - I LOVE that the offer picture for this guy is a walk-on flexing. :)
It would be nice to get these stickied. And please do help, anyone. I am not as thorough as All-in is on the football page.

Red Don

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New Offer! (sorry, offers :Redface: :wink:)

EDIT: A Matt A recruit. Kansas has reportedly offered, subsequent to us!

Name is Spelled Gradey (not Grady) Dick! Was a finalist for the U16 USA team that Tamin Lipsey is on, but didn't make the cut for the top 13.

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