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2020 recruiting class


Evans should be an excellent defensive specialist. Meyer - front row STUD, the girl has great feet and movement and is notably strong (already). Johnson - great references from other sources, noting if Cook and staff want her I'm not going to doubt their evaluation.


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I grew up in Nebraska (graduated in '83) and am amazed by how much the level play has improved. Recently watched a live stream of a Nebraska D1/D2 tourney and they are as absolutely as good as many of the much larger high schools in Florida. The athletes are impressive but the development is incredible.


I read a quote that Johnson is a preferred walk-on. Can anyone confirm this?
Overall I think you'll find NE high school volleyball is very competitive. The interest started in conjunction with Terry Pettit's success with the Husker women and has grown exponentially with training, coaching, camps, etc. I officiated high school, juco and D2 VB for many years. It was enjoyable to watch the improvement in individual talent, skill levels, schemes, coaching, etc. over the years. Both daughters played Class B and some winter club. Local club team practiced once weekly and competed quite well (winning 75%+) against the Colo club teams that practiced 4-5 times weekly. Our NE teams enjoyed the competition but also wanted to participate in track, speech, musicals, band, etc. during high school as well. We appreciated their abilities to be well-rounded and thus much more than just high school vb athletes.