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2017 Jet Award Photos


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Donna and I attended the 2017 Jet Award Gala in Omaha last night (4/13/17). This year's winner is Adoree Jackson from USC. As always it was a great time and the list of honored guests was long. In addition to Johnny they included the following.

Adoree Jackson and his family
Tom Osborne
Mike and Dee Riley
USC AD Lynn Swann
Greg Pruitt
Mike Rozier
Eric Crouch
Rich Upchurch - Legacy Award Winner
Rich Glover
Daryl White
Russell Harrison
Calvin Jones
Jack Payne
and several others.


Each person attending the sold out event was given a ticket signed by the three Nebraska Heisman winners and Greg Pruitt.



Greg Pruitt and the MOC introducing Rick Upchurch as this year's legacy winner.


Adoree Jackson getting a hug from his mother who told her heart warming story about being a breast cancer survivor.

Mike Riley was the winner bidder (mid four figure range) for the Hesman ball signed by 18 Heisman award winners with wife Dee, Johnny, Mike and Eric.

Mike Riley, Adoree Jackson's father, Rich Glover.
(The beautiful blonde over Rich's left shoulder is my wife Donna)


Eric Crouch, Johnny Rodgers, Donna Max, David Max, Adoree Jackson, Greg Pruitt, Mike Rozier, Rick Upchurch

That's all the photos. Mark you calendar for the second Thursday of next April if you want to attend as it always sells out.


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