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100 Days Until Kickoff!


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A little over 60 days before the first fall practice!
Also: Per the NCAA By Laws, Fall Camp/Practice starts 29 day before the first scheduled game:

"17.02.13 Practice Units. In determining the first permissible preseason practice date, an institution shall count back from its first scheduled contest, one unit for each day beginning with the opening of classes, one unit for each day classes are not in session in the week of the first scheduled intercollegiate contest and two units for each other day in the preseason practice period, except that the institution shall not count any units during the preseason when all institutional dormitories are closed, the institution's team must leave campus, and practice is not conducted. Week. The "week" of the first scheduled intercollegiate contest is defined as the six days, excluding Sunday, preceding the date of competition (even if one or more of the days fall into different traditional calendar weeks)."

Fall classes/semester begin 20 Aug 2019.

So, counting back 29 days from our first game on 31 Aug 2019, our first Fall Camp/Pactice day would be 29 July 2019.
I started getting dizzy about halfway through that. I was told there would be no math...

Thanks for the answer!