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Thread: Corn Flakes Michigan State Edition 111513

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    Corn Flakes Michigan State Edition 111513

    Courtesy of Doug Law and Lisa Runco


    Corn Flakes, 10th Edition

    Sean Callahan – Recruiting Report
    Hopefully Coach Stai will get some eligibility Saturday – our line could use some help. Seven official visitors here, 20-25 unofficial guys here on Sat. Safety from Gulf Coast Comm college – top JUCO DB in the country. Haven’t been as successful getting guys out of Mississippi JUCOs. Zack Darlington on campus, first trip since his summer commit to NU – has battled concussion issue this year – he will get medical scholarship even if he can’t play ball. Joe Keels – DE out of Highland Comm College – currently committed to Wisconsin has a cousin on that team. Coach where he is, is a former Husker player, pushing NU hard to him. He is a Randy Gregory type of guy. Raymond Minor – DB, Richmond VA – has over 30 scholarship offers,. Trey Moseley – DB commit. Three Husker commits here along with 4 non-committed guys. Chance Wallace- currently committed to Colorado – good chance to get him to flip, we need more corners in our class, we are losing so many. Hopefully they will get a good game to watch to get these kids on board.

    Today’s Coach – Brendan Stai – GA (former star O-lineman for NU)

    Coach’s Comments:
    I was here a couple of years ago right before the Penn St game – what a bizarre series of events that was – but we came out on top – hopefully that was a good luck charm that will carry over to tomorrow.

    Coach Osborne switched me over years ago to play against Warren Sapp. He came off the ball so fast, I had never seen that type of speed. Running his mouth wore him out as well, so that helped – hahaha! A lot of the things I learned that year, has helped me throughout my career. WE had our share of injuries – Tommie went down with blood clots. Brook came in and did a great job for us, 6’4”, smart, we did more pass protection, instead of running the ball 80% of the time. Brook went down with punctured lung. We came back to win that. Then leaned on old Matt Turman. That team was a resilient bunch, some how, some way, found a way to win. I think it goes back to this – Doubting Thomas from the Bible. Difference between people who have doubt and people who have faith. That team trusted each other and had faith. Coach O – always this sense of confidence that exuded from him which gave us the faith to keep pushing on. When Tommie went down, was amazing to see the calmness that set in. I see the same thing happening with our team right now. We lost Spencer, Sirles, Jake Cotton…….having guys trusting and have faith in one another is what will get us through. We try to put them in a position to win, but they have to go out there and perform. Our defense has gone through learning curve, will always be this way when you have a young team. Amazing how fast we play, bottom line is execution. What they have been doing in practice for a while now, they are now doing on their own during the game. They trust one another, have some games under their belt, can no longer be looked at as rookies – expecting bigger and better things every week. Esp those guys up front. Greg McMullen, Avery Moss, Banderas – FR starting at MLB – incredible. DBacks have been playing lights out.

    Offensively we’ve had our share of ups and downs. Can’t believe Taylor isn’t starting for us. Talk about persevering – Ronnie Kellogg is like the old soul in that room. Everybody saw what he is all about at the Northwestern game. We practice the 2-minute drill twice a week. If offense wins, defense has to carry offensive pads and vice versa. Why didn’t we put Tommy out there? Ronnie has the big picture scope. Ability to be calm and cool in that type of situation. Ameer getting that first down. The clock management. Hail Mary play – practiced one time in fall camp – Geronimo. Those guys were in position, knew what they had to do – the diamond formation – one jumper and three other guys – hardest thing is NOT to look at the ball, you have to look at the jumper. One of the greatest play in college football history – Cordell Stewart, Doug Flutie, Wisconsin player………and Kellogg/Westercamp…..only four successful Hail Mary’s ever. Imagine what would have happened if we would have lost that game, what people would have been saying.

    Going into this game, we have al ot of adversity ourselves. Mich St is on a roll, players on both sides of ball who can make plays. We’ve got a pretty large assignment in front of us. Every year MSU is the same team – talented on defense, okay on offense. Lead the nation in every category on the D side. When you really examine them – very talented at the corner position – one of their guys is a cousin of Alfonso Dennard. Two of the better safeties in the Big 10. Good LBs. They love to get into multiple looks, esp on third down. They are #3 in the nation on 3 and outs. Baylor #2, ASU #1. Most frustrating thing as offensive player to not have drives. For us the key will be third downs. Last week we were 6 of 16 on third down. We turned the ball over twice, how did we win? We stepped up defensively, they had our back. Doubters and the people that have faith, is the difference between and losing. If you have to see something before you believe it, then you have doubt. We have guys that BELIEVE before they SEE. Faith doesn’t just come out of thin air – comes from experience, being confident. Our opportunity now to put ourselves back up on that board, we aren’t just a good team, we are a great team. We control our destiny – MSU is coming into our place. There is more pressure on them right now than there is on us. Think about our past matchups when we were so good, against Texas – and we lost. We have tremendous amount of talent – Ameer – some of things that he does, amazing. Has multiple responsibilities on offense beyond just running the ball – pass protection, etc. How are we going to be successful? We are fast, we hav a lot of weapons – Q and Kenny on the edge. When we do what we do, no one can stop us. When we start playing slow, that hurts us. MSU are talkers – but once you get up on them, they stop chirping, they fold their tents. They are coming in here as the GIANT, the old David and Goliath story, this is how we have to approach it.

    Westie got a hip pointer last week, not sure if he will play tomorrow.

    Game Film - Michigan:
    We had ball only about two times per quarter – every time we had it, we needed to score.

    Last drive for Michigan– 9 min left.
    20-25 mph swirling wind, noise doesn’t affect you as much as it does at Penn St. What will affect you is the swirling wind.
    Defense is a game of leverage and GAP RESPONSIBILITY. Our DBs are really good.
    Thad Randle had one of his better games. Gregory tremendous pressure from outside.
    If there is leakage on the back side, you have to make sure you have your containment in place.
    If you are going to pressure, you have to be willing to give up some yards now and then. What you don’t want to have happen is guys vacate a complete side of the field or the middle, and guys get 30-40 yrds.
    Lost Jake Cotton, had to make adjustments. A Rod did a good job for us, he has played multiple positions. Moudy can switch, Qualley, Sirles can adjust. We have a lot of personnel groupings. Mich could not put a finger on what we were going to do – they were going on base defense. Mich St is smash mouth 4-3, a lot of stack LBs. Downhill guys, slug warriors up front.
    Amazing stop to hold them to a field goal.

    Last NU drive – thought we had advantage in passing game. Sprint pass – easy protection for O-line, get ball OOB, stop clock. Tommy efficient with throwing mechanics. QB sneak. G option – one of our favorite plays, taking advantage of blitz running away from it. Try to wall everything to the back side. Power for us was working well, getting great movement. Knockout Zone – have gone to this a lot this year – Ameer has taken really good advantage of this – unfortunately we got a flag – motion we have in the backfield can sometimes be considered illegal.
    Draw play – we are big enough inside to create some lanes for QB. Cole needs to make sure he gets his block.
    Can imagine the tension that was building here.
    Menu 4 – each menu has its own designated route that’s run. K and Q do fantastic job running these routes. Rich Fisher has a lot of talent to work with. It’s not just running the curl, play the leverage, make sure that you play into the defender’s leverage and then break off.
    Inside Zone – Ceithan Carter – incredible athlete – mongo TE on this, supposed to wrap around block the LB. You’ve got to have an O-lineman mentality. He is a FRESHMAN.
    Sprint option – they have been showing us blitz. From the box, we’ll see what they are trying to run. Unfortunately KB didn’t get out in time to block his man. Without these guys blocking our option game isn’t there. They usually do a very good job.
    Rocket – takes 4 Michigan players to take down our receiver. Q loves to lower his shoulder and make those guys earn their tackles.
    We are in tempo. We call certain plays fast. QB has to be savvy. Tommy will start to make changes at the line.
    Knockout Zone – not as good, backside defender got through, TE was responsible, has to get there in a hurry.
    Fade route – slot receiver - the guy grabbed him all the way in, should have been a penalty,
    Sprint option for winning TD – 3x1 – defense is playing Cover 4, up front very simple. All we have to do is block in the perimeter and Ameer finishes with tremendous run. Have to see if defender is playing in the back or playing him (Tommy) so he knows whether or not to pitch it. What Tommy does here, he hesitates, he fakes defender out, then makes his decision. The first time he did it against Northwestern, he has an uncanny sense in trying to feel out defenders. It was actually a forward pass, not a pitch.

    Think about our team as being a team of faith, not being doubters, overcoming a lot of diversity.

    1. Can we see same intensity on defense this week? Absolutely. They have to play fast and with pressure. Gergory, Curry, Moss, McMullen have been having success.

    GO BIG RED!! Beat SPARTIE on the road to Big 10 Championship!!!!
    "I'm a firm believer in the theory that people only do their best at things they truly enjoy. It is difficult to excel at something you don't enjoy." – Jack Nicklaus

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    Nice wrap up. Thanks. I'm getting psyched.

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