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Thread: FGC @ NU Game thread

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    FGC @ NU Game thread

    Tough test tonight for NU to open in their new facility against Dunk City.

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    Florida Gulf Coast returns four starters from their Cinderella Sweat 16 Dunk City run last year. They also have 3 transfers coming in.

    For NU, no Gallegos or Biggs tonight. In addition, Freshman Nathan Hawkins is out with a fractured foot and may end up redshirting this year.

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    Tommy Lee playing at the new facility.

    Place is jammed.

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    BTN waiting for St. John's vs. Wiconsin to finish. 2 Minutes to go in that game.

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    Tipoff delayed to about 8:15

    Cool. Wisconsin game should be over well by then.

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    Here come the Huskers!

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    Let's do this!!!!
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    Likely starting lineup:

    Tai Webster, Shavon Shields, David Rivers, Terran Petteway, Walter Pitchford

    Leslee Smith replaced by Rivers in starting lineup and will come off the bench.

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    1:30 left on St John's vs Wiscy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FCHusker View Post
    Let's do this!!!!

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    Under 1 minute to go in the Wisconsin foul fest

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    this last min might take an hour
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    God, I HATE the end of basketball games. Teams fouling and fouling and fouling and fouling. It's ridiculous sometimes.

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    Of course if Wisconsin would stop fouling with a huge lead, that would be nice.

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    3 starters playing their first games for NU

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