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Thread: Something positive from this game

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    Something positive from this game

    Californians for Nebraska raised $7,000 at their two watch sites in Orange County today for the Nick Pasquale Foundation. Nick's father and brother were in attendance at OC Tavern. Below is some of the email that I just received from Mike Zeis who spearheaded the fund raiser. The Pasquale's live very close to Mike in San Clemente.

    Photo: Second from left Mel Pasquale (father) right A.J. Pasquale (brother)
    Besides the final score, CFN had a really successful day. The OC Tavern was packed with about 200+ football fans at 8:31 this morning. The UCLA athletic dept. provided some really great silent auction items including a UCLA helmet in a glass case signed by all of the team captains. Nick Pasquale’s dad attended and gave a very emotional thanks to CFN for pulling together this event at the last minute.

    I have to give loads of credit to CFN member Jay Pesicka for having the idea to donate the opportunity drawing proceeds and gathering up many of the items for the raffle and silent auction. It looks like between Danny K’s and the OC Tavern we raised about $7,000 for the Nick Pasquale Foundation.

    CFN collected the funds in cash, check and credit card and will make a donation in the total amount to the Nick Pasquale Foundation. The thinking with the Nick Pasquale foundation is that we will make the presentation to them at a San Clemente High football game in the next week or two. I think we should express our thanks to Coach Mora and UCLA for the donated items.

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    This is so awesome. RIP Nick.
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    Good stuff. Nice gesture. Way to go Cali Nebraskans.
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    That is some really great news.

    I used to go to the watch parties at the OC Tavern when I lived at Camp Pendleton about 2 or 3 miles south of there, it's great to see that this was a huge success, even if the game wasn't.

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    Very nice to see. Thank you for sharing, BRM.

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    Breaks my heart to see the family. Nice to know the concerns of others are helping them out in this awful time.

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    Great job, CFN.
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    That is heartwarming and encouraging. Thanks for that David.
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    The best news of a dismal afternoon for sure. GBR!

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    That is something positive indeed. Loved the balloons from the student section before the game too.
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    Positive and bigger than the game itself. As ugly as it was for Husker fans it was still just a game.

    RIP Nick and God Bless his family and his teammates during this difficult time.

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    Quality win.

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    Something positive from this game

    I love this. An example of the power that sports can have to make a positive impact in an otherwise tragic situation.

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