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Thread: NU @ Oregon

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    NU @ Oregon

    Game about to start
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    The Louisville Memphis game is running way over so I will not see the beginning. Several long injury delays in this game have slowed it way down.

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    Benny parker is going to play. Strained MCL but will play.

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    Parker, Gallegos, Almeida, Ubel, Talley are the starters.

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    Peltz and Shields were also considered questionable coming into this game along with Parker's injury. Could be rough with all these injuries.

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    The game is on Direct tv but won't start till after the Louisville/Memphis game finishes on Fox sports
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    Oregon wins the tip and scores.


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    Gallegos misses the trey.

    Almeida ties up the ball, possession arrow to NU.

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    3:56 left in the Louisville game.

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    Gallegos gets beat and a bucket and foul on Almeida. FT good.

    5-0 Oregon

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    Indiana loses to Butler.

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    Nice to see we are still close.

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    Peltz and Shields into game.

    Talley the bucket.

    5-2 Oregon

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    Oregon scores again, announcers call for travelling.

    7-2 Oregon

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    Gallegos hits a jumper.

    7-4 Oregon.

    Oregon scores a quickie after bucket. 9-4 and foul on Peltz.

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