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Thread: Corn Flakes, 12th Edition

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    Corn Flakes, 12th Edition

    flakes.jpgBIGRED BREAKFAST

    Corn Flakes, 12thEdition
    BY: Doug Law substituting for LisaRunco

    NU vs Iowa

    Recruiting Information: Sean Callahan
    Final regular season game weekend. At State football finals in Lincoln there are three or four potential NU recruits. One is a tight end that is committed to Ohio but looking at Nebraska. This recruiting class is sizing up to be a really impressive class if these recruits come through. We also got a commit on Saturday from a 4 star running back from Texas, and may get another one before it’s over. We need one or two good recruits on defensive line to fill in gaps from graduation. Huskers need to finish out strong to keep the momentum going in Nebraska’s direction.

    Today’s Speaker: Tight Ends Graduate Assistant – Marrow (also father of Fullback Mike Marrow)

    Coach’s comments:
    First of all, it’s great to be in Nebraska.
    Great fans, love football, know football, and respect the game.

    Review of Game film from Minnesota game.
    Both sides of ball looked good. Kenny bell is a special player.
    Kids responded to challenge after Ohio state game.

    Coach Marrow gave the BRB crowd a sneak preview of the “Motivation” movie that is prepared for the players each week. The short segment shows is shown the night before the game and contains hard hitting plays and other successful plays of success. Showing them this motivation piece helps the players and coaches get motivated and to get their minds wrapped fully around the upcoming game.


    1. How does center know when to snap the ball? That is a good question … pause …. Can’t tell you that or other teams would know when ball will be snapped. HaHa! But that is a good question. Maybe I’ll whisper it in your ear after we’re done here today.

    2. Who will take over as tight ends after Kyle Reed and Ben Cotton graduate? First of all, I can’t discuss recruiting. Jake Long, #41 is playing well and is a big kid with NFL potential. We also have several other players (e.g. Sam Cotton, who is going to be a good player. Sam had several offers to play at other schools. We told Barney Cotton that if he couldn’t recruit his own son, then you’re a bad recruiter. In that case we wouldn’t want you on our team. HaHa. No seriously, Jake Long, Sam, Trey Foster and several others will fill in at tight end after Ben and Kyler graduate. I don’t lose any sleep about what we have coming back. We also have some prospects that we’re recruiting.

    3. What was your path to Nebraska? I grew up in Youngstown, Ohio. I was one year behind Bo Pelini, and was all star basketball and football. In eighth grade I met a guy playing basketball who went to Cardinal Mooney. He recruited me to play football. I was High School All American football and basketball and was recruited by Ohio State to play football, but I choose to go play basketball at Akron. Our basketball teams struggled and then was recruited to Toledo. Was influenced by Jim Tressel, also trusted Nick Sabin. Gary Pinkle coached my last year. Was drafted by the NFL Buffalo Bills, and played in NFL for over nine years. While at Buffalo we went to two super bowls. Then started coaching career. I’ve had a few jobs and several offers, but wanted to be around my family and coach my son. I coached in Jr. High football, then NFL Europe, then to Omaha Nighthawks, then finally accepted Bo’s offer to come over to coach tight ends at Nebraska. My wife is a Doctor and I’ve had success in NFL so the salary of a Graduate Assistant is not an issue as it might be for others.

    4. How Jordan Westerkamp? He a smart kid. Great hands. He was hurt a little earlier or we might have burned his redshirt. That’s how impressed we were with his progress. His future is bright at Nebraska.

    5. How is your son Mike doing? He was injured during the Michigan game. He got rolled up on and is making his way back to playing more. He should be back this week for Iowa. As you know, he was a tailback and then moved to fullback. This offense is difficult. Not easy to switch positions. However, the offense is hard to defend when executed properly.

    6. How is Rex (Burkhead) doing? That’s a closely held secret. Haha! He will be back. He’s one of the finest young men I know. That’s not just hype. I thought it was some hype when I first got here, but he is everything you would want in a football player. He’s a student of the game and even more off the field. If I had a daughter at his age, I’d want her to find a guy like him. We will miss him once he moves on to the next level.

    7. Talk about the Iowa game. This is a rival game. This game will be a challenge. You can throw out the records when it comes to this game. Iowa will be fired up to play Nebraska. We need to be ready for a fight. Coach K. is fired up to return to the school he was at prior to coming to Nebraska. I told him that I might not stand next to him because Iowa fans might throw stuff at him for leaving Iowa and coming to Nebraska. Haha! I can’t wait to see how many Nebraska fans there are in the stands. There is nothing more cool than going to an away stadium and having of the stadium wearing red and cheering on our team.

    8. What’s in your future? I had plenty of offers before I came to Nebraska, and several after my first year. One can only be a grad assistant for three years. We’ll see where we’re at after Mike graduates.

    9. What is the game day schedule on Friday? This is an 11: 00 am game so we get up at 6:00 am. Then breakfast, chapel service, and get ready for game. There’s not much time to do anything before the game, but we’ll be ready and excited to play.

    Closing Remarks!
    I need to get back to Lincoln for offensive meetings.
    Great to be here today.
    Thank you for being great fans.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
    Big Red Breakfast applause …… (cheers, whistle, grade school boys getting autographs on Husker helmet … )

    GO BIG RED! Beat those HAWKEYES!!!!!!!!!!

    There will be a breakfast on Nov 30th in anticipation of being in the Big 10 Championship game and TO is supposed to be there, so that will be GREAT. There will be NO Bowl breakfast.

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    Thanks as always for this....
    Notre Dame only had one Rudy but Nebraska gets a new crop of Rudys every season

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    Oh the TE refered to is Casey Sayles....who is an Ohio Commit....the RB commit is 4-star recruit Adam Taylor out of Ohio...
    Notre Dame only had one Rudy but Nebraska gets a new crop of Rudys every season

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    He must not have watched Jake during the Minn game dodging passes from RKIII. Hope that is out of his system.

    Thanks to the authors of the post.

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