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Thread: Corn Flakes, 11th Edition

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    Corn Flakes, 11th Edition

    flakes.jpgBIG RED BREAKFAST

    Corn Flakes, 11thEdition

    NU vs Minnesota

    Recruiting Information: SeanCallahan
    Final home game weekend. Four officialvisitors, 3 from JUCO ranks, 3 D-linemen. We have offered 6 of thetop9 DT in the country as of now. Toby Johnson from JUCO in Kansas. Tore his ACL, tore his knew, was before his injury the most soughtafter in the nation. Still going after him. Ben Bradley from sameschool will be visiting with Toby, he is committed to Tennessee butthat coaching situation is dicey right now so who knows. TrevellDixon – 4-start DB commit, committed over a year ago to NU but hasnever visited us and then decommitted. But now has decided to visitthis weekend. NU and TCU are the teams on him, always a chance thatLSU could come here again Several unofficials. Trying to get classwrapped up with 14 commits.

    Today’s Speaker: OffensiveCoordinator – Tim Beck

    Coach’s comments: Recap where we areat offensively. Do appreciate your support. I did not promisegoing to Indianapolis – haha! Already in trouble this week forbeing misquoted, don’t want to do that again – haha! It’s beena rollercoaster this season, fun to watch players battle, fight, keepbelieving. What we try to instill in our players, is to try to becomfortable in uncomfortable situations. When things go good, it’seasy. When it gets hard, sometimes you maybe don’t respond aswell. In off-season, I’m sure you’ve heard different storiesabout what we did. How we practice, no huddle. When game comes,they are ready for anything and everything. We have gotten ready foreverything and our guys have responded and I’m really proud ofthem. They keep their composure, forget mistakes, battle through it. Penn St was a very very good team, might have been best we’veplayed this year. In total, they were big, very athletic, as good ateam up front DT-wise as any we have faced. They were good atescaping. Played really hard, well-coached. Other teams have some ofthese things, but not all of them. Penn St had it all. It was agrueling physical ballgame.

    How we prepare – I look at films ofteams that the other team has played. See how other teams haveplayed the team we will be playing. Begin to formulate your plan, ifwe line up like this ,they wont be able to handle. We are uniqueoffense with formations, talent, accuracy. Despite losing Rex, Ameerhas stepped up – what other teams have a guy like Ameer – whenthey get into space they are dangerous. KB, Kyler, Ben Cotton. Yousee great players on other teams, but you don’t see this many greatplayers on one team. Defenses have trouble stopping it. How come westart so slow? We spend hours coming out with great game plan, we goout on the field and the defense is completely different. Penn Stdid things that I’ve never seen.
    Taylor comes off the field and says“coach, what was that” and I said “I don’t know man” and hesaid “what do you want me to do “ and I said “Hang on man,they’re coming”….hahaha. It’s been an interesting year aswe’ve evolved offensively. You would think as we play these teamsagain, we’d have a better feel of what they are going to do. Trueto some extent. But their game plans and emphasis change also. Takes us a little time sometimes to get going. Our tempo helps us abit, we wear teams own. We are used to that tempo. We run tons ofplays in practice, often many more than we do doing an actual game. Our players during a game are still fresh. I am pleased withdevelopment of our team. Very tight, unique group. Been trying, buta lot of fun.


    1. Defense has trouble with up tempo offenses. Maybe you could help – ha! Yeah, teams try to keep our guys off balance.
    2. How important is Joe Ganz meeting Taylor after every play? Joe is awesome, a great young coach. We work very closely together, a big part of the communication process I have during the course of the game. I am the eyes in the sky. I don’t always have the time to sit just with Taylor. I tell Joe what to tell him, then I move on to Garrison, to Ron, etc I am up there directing each position coach on the sideline, corrections we need to make, what the other team is trying to do to us, thinking about the next series. Joe works well with me, has a good feel for our room.
    3. What did we do to make guys comfortable in uncomfortable situations? We had some guys come in and kind of take them and do different team-building stuff. It was weird, just different stuff, life lining up, following commands quickly. Held everyone really accountable. Yelling at teammate of person who is not lined up right. Carried over in weight program with Dodson. It really translated to our guys, brought them closer together, they learned a lot.
    4. When you plan offense early in the week, are you adding new plays or shifting schemes? Both. If we feel like there is something that can work, we add it. Sometimes I am my own worst enemy, I think a defense will have caught on to us. Then in the game I run that play and it works….ha! Their life is hit things and eat (O-line), HAHAHA! I change things up for the skill guys more.
    5. Being involved in special teams before, those situations apply. Our guys that have been our punt returners (Rex and Timmy) have been hurt. Ameer is great, but I kind of cringe when he is back there…we have 175 guys, can’t we find anybody but him???? HAHAHA. Look out when we are starting to click. Penn St is very top team for going for it on 4th down. Some concern that they would be doing a lot of fakes on punts.
    6. Crucial 3rd down plays where we have to get long yardage or its over – what is your thought process when having to call these plays? Is defense being aggressive or not in certain areas, how are they trying to play us at end of game, what routes can we run to take advantage. I have Joe do it all the time in practice, I try to make it as hard as I can for Taylor. I am constantly throwing stuff at him, want to make sure he is seeing what he needs to be seeing. I tell Joe to switch guys, move them around. I think all these things are translating over so that we are in these situations for real, our players don’t panic. Our defense has confidence in us, they know offensively that we are not out of any games, they just need to get us the ball back. In this conference, particularly the defenses we face……we are playing Minnesota this week, 25th in the nation in total defense – they are going to get after us, no question, but we have to be ready.
    7. How good is Tommy Armstrong? Really like him a lot, will be a fantastic player here. Biggest thing is that he is a fierce competitor, great leadership abilities. Really excited about hm.
    8. Going into the season, we wanted to take load off backs and sharing carries. Losing Rex was big. Amazing to have the success we are having right now. As season went on, was hoping to split carries between Rex and Ameer. Rex practices all the time, we are never sure how much he will play. Braylon was beat up a little bit, not 100%. Some of our games have been so physical, that was a concern of mine, tried to use him in situations where he can see some success. I like Imani, but he is still a true freshman, still learning. Sometimes when a guys is feeling it, you just let him play (don’t split carries). Ameer is really strong and explosive. Not feeling any side effects this week from 30 carries last week. There are some plays that I want certain players in for, but a lot of times its up to the position coach. The way we practice, a lot of guys are getting a lot of reps and experience. They get to know what they are doing. Younger players still don’t quite get everything yet, even this late in the season.
    9. Stanton to redshirt next year? Great question, boy I don’t know, I just want to get through Minnesota – hahaha!
    10. Taylor claps a lot – why? That is our snap count. He is moving back and forth to tell people what is going on. How much freedom does he have to change plays? He has free reign to get to the best play. My job is to guide and show him what the best plays are. Not usually specific, but sometimes I am. A lot of times it’s just kind of common sense stuff. We “test” him with scenarios. Give him scenario and ask him what we should do? A lot of times he says “Go that way?”….hahaha! He is trying to get everybody on the same page. Sometimes it’s all fake, he is just making people think we are going to do something.
    11. Tariq Allen’s recovery – will be a long process, slow. Doubt he will be back for spring. When they are done playing, you have to file for medical redshirt. Bad injury.
    12. Pitch play successful this year – why is that, as opposed to past years? Because we are not relying on it as much until its open for us. Penn St was more worried about play action, Taylor on the edge. They played softer, maybe thought they could handle us up front, they weren’t loading the box.
    13. O-line play? I love those guys. The improvement in them is obvious because we are running the ball like we are. Many are back for second year. New methods, new drills, new techniques. Coaches have done good job coaching them. I told Dobson I wanted them leaner and in better shape, because if they are too heavy, it weighs them down. They have camaraderie. They are motivated, work hard, very close knit, lot of spirit. Justin Jackson brings a lot to that room, he is a ball, tough kid. Has certainly been helping us.
    14. Enunwa – I’m not sure how much he weighs, a bit longer than Niles. He can block, he goes in there and kills people.
    15. Your history? Grew up right down the street from Bo in Youngstown OH – not sure if that is good actually – haha! Went to Central Florida to school, have been all over the place to coach – Illinois St, Kansas St under Snyder as a GA, Arizona (high school, coached Mike Brown), Texas, U of Kansas, then here.
    16. #1 flaw you are trying to fix – turning the ball over. We have been good at beating ourselves. Sometimes weird stuff happens. The other team is making plays and it’s not our fault.
    17. How much self-scouting do we do? Every game, all the time. We line up in so many different formations. Even if you self-scout, when other team lines up in this set, here’s what they are going to do – and then they may not do it. We are lining up so fast, they can’t always get it figured out and communicated to their players – who is in and not in, etc.
    18. What have we improved on the most and what do we need to work on? Good thing my wife’s not here – she would have a big list, might go into next week – haha! Don’t know where I have improved the most. This season has been so crazy, I don’t even reflect like that. I didn’t even know there was an election a few weeks ago. I am very obsessed when it comes to coaching, feel such a responsibility for the players and our state, making sure they are ready. I give defenses too much credit some times. Plays end up working when I don’t think they will.
    19. IA Western is in national championship – lots of D1 schools recruiting there, we haven’t been there much. We are actually in there, a couple of guys that we are interested in and we are on. My philosophy at JUCOs, am looking at guys who have played against athletes, someone who will play and not sit the bench. Easier to teach younger guys than older guys. Barney has this area. TE next year? Jake Long – has had a good year for us, like what he is doing. Sutton, Sam Cotton are good young players, Foster. And we are recruiting, looking for guys who can help us next year.
    20. Comebacks this year – what has this done for our confidence? In 90’s guys would walk on field and know we were going to win. Without questions, there is a spirit and belief on our team that we can come back. Teaches them about life, there will be ups and downs, can’t dwell on what has happened. Our players have been able to do this. We don’t lose focus. We may get fiery with them, but it’s all within the confines of reaching our goals.
    21. How much does the media affect our players? Believe it or not, it plays a big part. Not just with current players but with recruiting. Kind of a hot point with me. Opinionated stories and young kids believe what they read. We try to make sure current players don’t buy into those things. With our family environment, if our players want to know something, come and ask me.
    22. Clarify rule on taking helmet off on field – any time you take it off, you have to come off the field for one play. There is no penalty. If you take it off in celebration mode – there is a penalty. If ref thinks you are mad and unsportsmanlike, you will get calle.d
    23. Last 6 seconds, who called the play to win the game? I called the play. I was waiting for that coverage the whole game, they finally gave it to us.
    24. Do you have aspirations to be a head coach? If the position presents itself, yeah. I just try to enjoy the moment I’m in. Life is short. Some people do a lot of lobbying, bettering the position down the road. I have too many things to do to worry about that stuff.
    25. When you are running a toss, then we do pass to Ben Cotton, how do we know what to do? You don’t know, it’s a hunch. Taylor is also improving. We run a play, doesn’t work out so well, next time we run it, it might work out better. How do I know what to run? I get in the flow and it just comes. Helps to get 1st downs. Harder to call game when you have lots of long yardage situations. We have to be better on 1st downs. We get rolling and then it snowballs.

    GO BIG RED! Beat thoseGOPHERS!!!!!!!!!!

    There will be a breakfast on Nov 30thin anticipation of being in the Big 10 Championship game and TO issupposed to be there, so that will be GREAT. There will be NO Bowlbreakfast.

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    A real good read, JH. Thanks for posting this.

    Have started to become a big fan of Beck - he's much better this year than last year, and next year should be fantastic.

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