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Thread: Big Red Breakfast 11/9/12 Corn Flakes Edition

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    Big Red Breakfast 11/9/12 Corn Flakes Edition

    From Doug Law and Lisa Runco

    He’s baaaaack … the return of Coach Papuchis (J.P.)
    … (Friday humor) …. Yup … he was asked and he was a good sport in answering whether our remaining goals are still intact,
    However, the next four weeks are critical to our success! We all applauded him at the end of the breakfast!



    Corn Flakes, 10th Edition

    NU vs Penn St.

    Recruiting Information: Sean Callahan
    Two games at 2:30 to close it out, should be able to get 4-6 official visitors in here the next few weeks. We have 4 official visitors in right now, one guy had to reschedule due to playoffs at home. JUCO DT, Lavon Hooks – 16 /QB sacks in 8 games 6’4” 290lbs, played bb, he is the real deal, has over 20 scholarships offers. He has Miami and ASU scheduled later. Have a chance to score, Terry joseph is lead guy on him. Other DT is Quincy Russell, once was committed to Texas. Adam Taylor is 4-star RB out of Texas. Really going after Terrell Newby, but Adam is another top back David Neville – return visitor from Canada – usually when someone comes back twice, it’s a good sign – also a DT, 6’8”. Gabe Miller – long snapper commit.

    Today’s Speaker: Defensive Coordinator – John Papuchis (JP repeat performance)

    Coach’s comments: I was looking at stat the other day about how we are only giving up 46% pass completion percentage to our opponents – it’s either an incompletion or pass interference – hahaha! That’s the way we play, we are going to clutch,, grab, be physical. There will be times we get caught. I will take 3-4 PIs per game if we are holding them to 46% completions rate.

    Two months since I’ve been here, seems like longer ago. Last two months have been pretty eventful. Lots of close games. Very emotional ride. This will be a November that players will remember for the rest of their careers. Most important 3-4 weeks, will define the senior class legacies – Compton, Fisher, Osborne, Meredith, Steinkuhler, Fisher……they have been through some really good moments and real disappointments. If we an finish the regular season the way I envision, go into Bgi 10 Championship win, this will be the first freshman class Bo brought in. Want to leave with one ring on their finger. Constant discussion in our locker room. Real leadership right now is coming from our players. Off-season focus was leadership development – trying to find ways to create leaders, empower our guys to take some ownership of this team. Brought in a military training program in last few week “The Program” – put our guys into some pretty adverse situations to see what leadership came out of that. Broke into small groups – disciplinarians, leaders. Put all guys in a poll – some can swim and some can’t, wearing sweats, trying to tread water in the deep end – only way to make it is if your teammates help you. Amazing how composed our players have been during difficult games this year – Northwestern game – way behind – stay focused. Never any moments of anxiety (I was a bit nervous – ha), nobody was flustered, no bickering, no fighting, just did the job. How many were liking our odds last week with 5 minutes to go? O was coming up to D players – “just get us the ball back”. They still believed….if they believe, we have a chance. Are we perfect – not even close. Too many mistakes. But our kids have guts, they fight, I wouldn’t trade them for any group in the country. I’m proud to be a part of what they are doing There is just that vibe in the locker room, you believe that you can accomplish something especial. I’m looking forward to this weekend and next three weeks. Have wonderful opportunity ahead of us. In life, life is about seizing moments. Not many times as an athlete that you have this situation – you are in total control. Go out and do your job, there is nothing that we can’t accomplish.

    1. How can we come out with same focus early that we’ve had late in games? Wish I knew the answer. Our theme has been “start fast, jump on these guys, be focused” . I thought with Michigan we were closer to that. You are right, when we needed to gets stops a week ago or score, we did it.
    2. Who is the player that really steps up and gets the others going – that one guy? Bo’s philosophy is to have the captain of the week to spread accountability. But in reality, on D side it’s Compton who rallies the troops, pushes people to work harder. I would say Ben Cotton on offense, Rex too, but he hasn’t been on the field as much this year.
    3. How close was MSU to what we planned for? They always put in new formations, motions, plays….for most part it was what we prepared for. We play very aggressive man to man. Have to work hardest on pick routes. Difficult because it’s hard to get through all the traffic. MSU did this really well and we didn’t handle as well as we would have liked.
    4. Their TE looked huge on TV, was he really that big? He was a big dude. Was a chess match in the game, found a way to get him one-on-one with Blatchford a couple of times during the game. Blatch did a great job that second time going up and getting the ball.
    5. It was a violent game, a couple of times I cringed. The great thing about PJ, exact play came up last series of the game, he took it on. At this point in the year there are always guys getting beat up a little bit. We didn’t go as physical this week as we do in other weeks. We can’t beat them to death, we have a big stretch ahead of us.
    6. Penn St offense – I am impressed with their group. Mental and physical toll of off season – these kids had nothing to do with any of it, but are bearing some of the punishment. They are well coached, great leadership there. QB probably the most improved player in the Big 10 – understands where he needs to go with the ball, doesn’t make a lot of mistakes. They are a physical running team. Don’t have a lot of misdirection or trick plays. They are downhill. Have a lot of respect for this old school ball. Use their TEs like the New England Patriots. They are not the most dynamic looking offense, but they are very efficient, don’t make many mistakes and they pound the football. They want to have 35-40 minutes of possession time and we can’t allow that to happen. They have outscored their opponents 76-3 in the Q1 of their games. They get out to a lead and then grind it out the rest of the way. If we can get out front, I will feel great.
    7. Win toss, take the ball…….that’s above my pay grade but I don’t think we will. We like the ball in the second half.
    8. Significant players they lost – RB good player. Kicker really good, went to Texas.
    9. Penn St does go for it on 4th down, we’ve talked to our guys about it. Statistically it’s a smart way to go. You can call the game a bit different. When we get a third down stop, our guys can’t jump around like lunatics, we need to get them back and make the next call. When you give someone 4 downs, it’s hard to stop it. Not sure why they do it. We just have to be ready to play 4th down defense.
    10. I feel like these next 4 weeks will be extremely critical to the next phase of our program. We have gotten close, but we need to get that done this year.
    11. Lose both safeties this year – how is Jonathan Rose? We will have to address at end of this year – Smith and Stafford will be moving on. They are good players and provide good leadership. I see Rose playing corner for us. I like Alexander, Jackson, Cooper, a couple in the recruiting class that could play. I think we will be fine in the safety spot, will be a battle in the spring.
    12. How is PSU defense? I don’t spend a lot of time watching it. I admire that they are tough up front, good front 4. Their leader inside is hurt, not sure how bad. They play hard, physical at the point of attack, will be a challenge for our guys. I have been impressed with the consistency of our running game. If we do our thing, I feel confident that our offense will be okay.
    13. I size up their players. What you see on film, that is nothing like the eyeball test. I don’t spend much time watching our guys warm up, I want to look at the other players.

    GO BIG RED! Beat those Nittany LIONS!!!!!!!!!!
    "I'm a firm believer in the theory that people only do their best at things they truly enjoy. It is difficult to excel at something you don't enjoy." Jack Nicklaus

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    Super to read. Thanks, David. I'm pumped! GBR!

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    Thank you for providing the update!

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    Thanks Doug, Lisa and BRM. Made my Friday.

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    Thanks David, Doug and Lisa, much appreciated.

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