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Thread: BIG RED BREAKFAST - Corn Flakes, 7th Edition, 10/19/12, NU vs Northwestern

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    BIG RED BREAKFAST - Corn Flakes, 7th Edition, 10/19/12, NU vs Northwestern



    Corn Flakes, 7th Edition

    NU vs Northwestern

    Recruiting Information: Nate FROMHUSKERONLINE.COM
    Coming off bye week, it’s usuallykind of quiet, but it is time for coaches to get busy recruiting. Alot of them were out last Thurs/Fri visiting top prospects across thecountry. They’ve had great response from that. Many players setup official visits following the coaches visits. Michigan games –10 visitors slotted from all over – Rivals 100 DemmoriousStringfellow (teammate of Anunwa and Martin in high school); JohnnyStanton – our QB commit – has really become a big recruiter inour class, has visited other players’ high school games, meets withplayers – impresses Bo. Michigan weekend is a chance for 2013class, but also a chance to get a number of prospects on campus for2014 class – the process has sped up so much. The most talentcoming out of this region in years is coming up here.

    Today’s Speaker: Defensive BacksCoach – Terry Joseph (one of the newest members of Bo’s staff)

    Coach’s comments; I didn’t know wehad that much going on in recruiting – hah! BRB – for you guysto be up this early to listen to me, says a lot about your passionfor Nebraska, thank you. The players feed off of this. I came hereto work with Bo and JP again; leaving Tennessee and coming here wasat first a difficult decision. As I looked at it, I couldn’t turnit down because of the rich history and tradition. Bo didn’t tellme that the weather would change like the last two days – haha –but otherwise it’s been good.

    As far as the season at 4-2, SouthernMiss game was very tough game prep due to change in coordinators –watched a ton of film, didn’t know who would be calling the plays,what would be their philosophy. Game was okay, just didn’t want tomess it up, made some plays, not as many as we would have liked. Offense played well, good way to start off season.

    Then out west to UCLA, don’t play ourbest, gave up a ton of yards. Certain things we did were prettydecent. It’s how we gave up the yards. We had lots of one on onesituations, that’s tough to beat when you are that spread out..Played 97 plays, it takes a toll on your defense, esp when you lackgreat depth. This is an issue for us now on defense. I playedStafford and PJ 97 plays…..I need to recruit so that they can havebackups.

    We had to go to the wristbands to helpour communication out, shortened up what we had to tell our players. When you play teams that are so fast, you don’t want to have tocommunicate everything through a signal. Tackled better. Need moretakeaways – takes effort and toughness. You have to get to theball and have to have a BAD attitude when you get there….ha. Thiswill help force the ball out.

    Big 10 play starts. Truly an electricatmosphere. Had us a little jilted in the first half. My guys weredoing things that I never envisioned happening in a game. At thehalf, you don’t make a lot of adjustments….just do what you’resupposed to do….if we do this we’ll be fine. Kids kept sawingwood, came out with great win in the end.

    Ohio St – didn’t play well at all. For first quarter, we didn’t do too bad. Had some 3 and outs. Weknew Braxton Miller was a great player, he was eventually going tomake a play. 72 yd run, we had opportunity to make a play…wedidn’t, he did. We have to have the ability to move on at thatpoint and we didn’t do that….he made great plays the next 10plays…..and we couldn’t get around it. Didn’t do our job on STeither.

    Bye week – very, very long two weeks. For the players, we have to do a better job of doing our individualjob, make sure your responsibilities are taken care of. We all needto be better, Ohio St game was not Nebraska football. We were allashamed, this is not the product we need to put on the field. Ourpractices have been physical, demanding, a lot of attention todetail.

    Northwestern- every game is a big game. We are playing a team with a good record, a good coach, some dynamicplaymakers. We are prepared, ready to go. Will be a great game tobe at or watch. We will be playing with a tremendous sense ofurgency. The play that is about to happen is the most important playin the world. If we win or lose that play, go to the next one. Ifeel good about our attitude and the energy we will bring to stadiumtomorrow.

    My players – I am their thirdposition coach in 3 years, it is a tribute to them to accept me. Safetys have done a decent job. Osbourne will be back this week. Harvey Jackson – soph – ton of ability, great size, needs a bitmore attention to detail. Evans – playing lights out, have madenickel a full time position – poster child for accountability andwanting to be a great player. I have not taught him all those dancemove – haha – play with passion, get excited, just don’t get apenalty. If you are not making plays, you cannot dance! HA. Hisimproved play is all mental, he is confident, he is prepared, so heplays faster. At corner – 4-5 guys have played. Josh Mitchell –smallest corner in America at 150 lbs. Stanley is biggest corner inAmerica. Pretty consistent, both of them. Stanley s 6’3”, needsto use his advantage on a more consistent basis. Andrew Green haslost his confidence in last week or so, but I think he will playtomorrow. Mo is back, reminds me of Ciante last year, everything isa step or two behind right now, but will be great eventually. Charles Jackson – young guy – special physical ability –replaces Ciante, who I can’t take off the field. Will be great inthe future. Jonathan Rose – trsf from Auburn, future bright here. We will be playing some Blackshirt defense that you guys will beproud of. They have great mentality, it’s you or me bro so here wego. Get after people.

    Recruiting – I’m in the South aton, Nebraska is a national name everywhere. People are excited tosee the “N”. Everything is sped up so much, we have to be a lotmore aggressive earlier When you do that, you can get the guys toget here, they can start making plans a lot earlier. Have to be inwith them at the beginning of their junior year or earlier, that’swhere it is right now. Otherwise the kids think you’ve forgottenabout them, disrespected them. One of the biggest things that canhelp recruiting is to WIN. Wisconsin game – no panic becausenobody committed. You have to know as a coach when to close. Ifit’s their first visit, it’s not the time to close. Delicatesituation. Official visit is one step in the process, have tocontinue to work it. Takes a lot of resources. Starts with playinggood tomorrow and leaving Chicago with a win.


    1. Are players better prepared? I thought they were prepared for last game. I think what they do understand better is the consequences for not playing well. You do have freedom of choice, but not freedom of consequence.
    2. 7th week – second half of season – Blackshirts being handed out? I just got here in March. From a fan, I’ve heard a lot about this from fans. I do not know about the process, what a Blackshirt truly truly means. Is it for accomplishments or is it for motivation? The decision is really above my pay grade and if/when Bo wants to give them out, he will.
    3. Contain vs pressure – how do you balance? Depends, a lot of factors go into it. We have faced some pretty good QBs. Your personnel vs theirs, their line. How will they handle pressure, what do we want to make the QB do? We want to get a good balance, we know we want to pressure. Too much pressure can lead to gaps opening up. Containing takes a lot of discipline. You don’t want to play passive. When you do this, that makes the QB better. Whether it’s contain or pressure, you still have to go 100 mph. If you are worried about getting a speeding ticket, you’re going to get one. But sometimes you just have to speed……….hahahaha.
    4. One on one situation – take your shot! At least make it go one way or the other, so that we can pursue. I’ve go to just go, I can at least make him redirect. One of the most blown up terms in tackling is breakdown. You have close on the guy to reduce the space. If you breakdown, I remember inertia. A body in motion tends to stay in motion, I remember that from my science teacher.
    5. Violence in the trenches in the SEC – you are right. There are so many great D-linemen on different teams. You have DEPTH. You have 12-15 men you feel you can play. Always have fresh players in , that’s why you see the violence that you see. In our league, we don’t have that depth. When you play 80 straight plays, you are starting to play a little above average because that’s all you have left in the tank. It’s year round in the SEC, big, fast, physical. If I had a son I wouldn’t want him to be a D-lineman.
    6. Younger safetys – Coop is playing a lot of dime for us, he is a hybrid that you like to have against spread teams, has done a good job, this is a full time position. Blatchford is doing good, I’m proud of them all.
    7. What do you do in the game when you see players not executing the game plan? We communicate down to the field. Bo and JP huddle the defense and discuss what went wrong. Quick series and turnovers are harder.
    8. Why aren’t we seeing more blitzing? Two things. More interceptions come in zone coverage, that’s a fact in football. Who is the best corner in the NFL – with the Jets, he had 3 INTs last year. When you play man to man, it’s harder to INT. When you do pressure, a spread zone option team, the risk that you take, at times you will make a hit and ball will pop out. If I’m going up the field, that gap is now wide. Although you might get that hit, you risk opening up the big gaps. We want to pressure more. We’ve pressured more here than any team I’ve been affiliated with. You can’t go 80% pressure. You have to go with technique.
    9. Redshirt or scout team players – Thomas Brown, nasty guy. Michael Rose – more of a MIKE LB, can plug gaps on inside. Alonzo Moore – wideout, has special ability, great body control. Valentine doing well.
    10. I was a baseball player, I played for Coach Van Horn my senior year. Won conference championship. Drafted by Cubs, did that for 4 years, realized that they throw sliders and I couldn’t hit those….hahaha. After that, I started coaching in high school Was GA at LSU with Bo. Was with Coach Dooley for 7 years. Then this opportunity. Mickey and me talk twice a week. Mickey Joseph is Terry’s brother…..? Everybody is doing good. Mickey is a lifelong Husker, bleeds Nebraska football, very influential in me coming.
    11. Timeline for tomorrow – 2:30 game. Eat at 10:30. Wake up at 7:00, will workout with Els, eat breakfast before team comes out. Meetings. Off to the field, will calla few recruits from the field, how did they do in their Friday night games…they also like hearing the music from the field.


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    How are we supposed to have our defensive backs getting more turnovers if they're ALWAYS faceguarding the receiver? Every single pass more than 10 yards i see our corner staring at the WR's helmet and hands then either trying to turn around or doing a jumping jack to bat the ball. Maybe it's just me though. Hopefully we can get a little more physical out there and get some INTs

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    it's too hard to turn around; all the experts on the board know that.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidadurNU View Post
    How are we supposed to have our defensive backs getting more turnovers if they're ALWAYS faceguarding the receiver? Every single pass more than 10 yards i see our corner staring at the WR's helmet and hands then either trying to turn around or doing a jumping jack to bat the ball. Maybe it's just me though. Hopefully we can get a little more physical out there and get some INTs
    They turn around when they are in the correct position to.... I don't understand why people don't think we turn around to look for the ball.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CombatTargeteer View Post
    it's too hard to turn around; all the experts on the board know that.....

    Not too hard, but you have to be in a position to do so, which means not be beat at the moment. We have turned around on many occassions to locate the ball in our secondary.

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    Go outside and chase your dog. Now go chase your dog with your head turned around. Be careful not to get impaled on a fence post.

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