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Thread: Janovich Pancake

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    Janovich Pancake

    Did anyone notice the pancake blocks Janovich was putting on Wisconsin defenders all night? What a find for the Husker coaches. I'm not sure Morrow's going to see much playing time unless he switches positions. Hope this kid doesn't have to wait long for ( I'm sure there are a few in front of him ) a scholarship.
    "My job as a football coach is to educate and prepare the kids who come into this program for the rest of their life..." Bo Pelini at the Penn State post game press conference Nov. 12 2011

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    He's gonna be a beast imo.
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    This kid has the potential to end up with legendary status like the Makovicka's, Rathmans, Schesingers. While he probably won't get as many carries as those guys did for him to be out there at this stage in his career says a lot of about the kid.

    My hope is that we move toward involving the full-back more and more in the offense.

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