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Thread: Big fat recruiting update, 8/8

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    Thumbs up Big fat recruiting update, 8/8

    Nice article that pulls allot of what we have been talking together again...

    Here is a highlight from Torii Hunter Jr.:

    ďIt was a fun visit, especially being around some of the players,Ē he told Huskers Illustrated. ďI canít remember the names but most of the wide receivers like Jamal (Turner) and Quincy (Enunwa). They were the main two. I was just there with a group of them and laughing while they were watching film and making fun of things. At the same time they were learning and grasping what the coaches were telling them.Ē

    Itíll be a long, drawn-own recruiting battle for Hunter. But NUís made a decent impression.
    All the rest here:
    Notre Dame only had one Rudy but Nebraska gets a new crop of Rudys every season

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    Would be a great get hopefully with erstad, and the facilities we will be good on getting him.

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