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Thread: Braylon Heard has spent all 3 practices at RB

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    DuckTown, I think Marrow will be a regular in the power back / short yardage situations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by USS Midway CV41 View Post
    i think braylon could come out of fall camp as #2 behind burkhead. wasnt braylon ahead of the others then went out with a injury? maybe not tho
    I'm glad someone else notice that other than myself. Braylon looked to be the more complete back of the 3 last season, though they all didn't have many opportunities to show their worth. But Braylon showed the vision, speed, & power to be an every down back. His injury came at the worst time for him last season. During his short stint on the other side of the ball, Ameer (whom was crowned the speed back in this thread), quoted that he was shocked at how fast Braylon really was. Said that he knew he was fast but didn't realize he "had it like that".

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