Similar to what the OWH has been doing ... Ten free locally produced stories per 30 days, then you get blocked unless you subscribe.

I'm posting the link, but do you really want to click on it and perhaps use up one of your 10? (I do like how the news is buried in the fifth paragraph and is not even mentioned in the headline.)

It will work like this: In any 30-day period, you’ll have access to up to 10 views of locally produced content. Advertisements, contests and national and international news will not count toward those 10 views.

After those 10 views, you’ll be asked to purchase an online subscription. For seven-day subscribers to the Journal Star, the price will be $1.95 per month. For others, it will cost just $9.95 per month. After 30 days, your meter returns to zero stories, and the count starts again.