I got this by email. Let's help them win this contest.

My name is Benito Sanchez, I was born and raised in Lincoln Nebraska and am a life long husker fan. I am through and through a citizen of the great state of Nebraska and some of my earliest memories are watching the huskers on TV (we couldn't afford tickets to the game).

I currently attend the Johnny Carson School of Theater and Film at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln where I am a senior. Recently, a short film I created with other UNL students has been entered into an Expedia short film competition ( https://vimeo.com/44642457 ). We shot it at the platte river and wanted to show people around the nation that Nebraska is a beautiful place, not just a fly-over state.

This is a film shot in Nebraska, about Nebraska people, with the spirit of Nebraska infused in it. We are an underdog in this competition, many other filmmakers have huge social networks through the various large schools/large cities they live in. We have husker nation and the state of Nebraska.

I'd appreciate any support you could give us. We were doing well but recently have fallen from the top 10 and the other entries are pulling away. Voting goes on until the 9th of July and we need to place in the top 10 to go to the next phase of the competition where expedia chooses the top 3 - we could win $10,000 dollars!

Thank you for reading, I will link you to the video and to more details on the competition:

Our Film - https://vimeo.com/44642457

Details about festival - http://www.nffty.org/nffty-films/fin...voting-is-open

Main Expedia Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/expedia

Main voting link for our film - tinyurl.com/catw48v

Facebook group we created for the video: https://www.facebook.com/events/436178563089499/