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Thread: Nebraska Offensive Analysis - 2004 to Present

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    Nebraska Offensive Analysis - 2004 to Present

    It's been a while since I posted anything mathematical, so I figured I was overdue.

    Here's a breakdown of the offensive stats from 2004 - present. As you can see, the Callahan years were pass first as evidenced by our total yards and scores favoring the air instead of the ground.

    A unique stat that I think bears weight however, is YDS/TD. This shows the average number of yards that we needed to score. Teams consistently under the 100 yard mark are typically working with short fields due to good field position or an offense that puts up a lot of scores.

    By contrast, if you're averaging 125 yards per score, it means that for every 5 field lengths you run (500 yards), you're only getting 4 touchdowns.

    2011 was Bo's second most successful season on offense, narrowing missing the 2008 season (which also had a terrible defense). Judging by the stats, Bo has things moving in the right direction and even a modest improvement on defense will probably win us 2 extra games a season even if the offense doesn't improve.

    If Martinez has truly stepped up as a passer I think that the Huskers stand a chance at having the best offense in a decade or more. I'm expecting Abdullah to shoulder more of the load, but like Burkhead did for Helu as a sophomore. Here's to 2012!

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    Good stuff to ponder. Man that '09 offense stunk...
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    I am pretty happy with the potential of the offense this year.

    Defense has me losing sleep.

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    This great info, Duck. Thanks!

    Any defensive stats?

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    How does it shred out in yards/pt? Over the last few years we've relied a lot on kicking. That mitigates somewhat the lack of touchdowns.

    How does this compare to conf and NCAA top performers?

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