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Thread: Husker Salute Update

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    Husker Salute Update

    For those of you who are unfamiliar with Husker Salute go check out

    This years Husker Salute event is October 20 - 21, 2012, at the Cornhusker Hotel in Lincoln. This is our fifth year for this event. Our organzation puts on and supports this event each year.
    It cost about $35,000 to do this event for the 500+ military veteran and Active military and their families who come. We have also brought wounded Warriors from Ft riley the last two years.

    Week end Itinerary

    Saturday morning
    The families register for event and pick up their packets
    Enjoy a continental breakfast
    Board busses to Memorial Stadium
    Tour the athletic facilities
    End of tour go out on the field with families and kick, run, throw footballs around and have fun
    Go on a 50% off shopping spree at some downtown sports stores
    Go back to Cornhusker for the Tail gate Party for Northwestern Nebraska Football game (In Illinois)


    Military brunch honoring our fallen soldiers, and all the troops and vets in attendance.

    We need Husker fans help to raise the money we need by purchasing a coin, Hat or shirt on our website, or making a donation on our website. We
    currently have about 55% of our financial goal (Our goal $35,000).

    This is a great event and a way to say thank you to the active duty and our vets.
    We could use your support.

    Thanks Gary
    President Husker Salute

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    If anyone knows a miliitary veteran or active duty soldier who would like to attend Husker salute in Lincoln
    Have them go register at There are only 30 nslots left.

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    it was alot of fun last year, thank you Gary for doing this

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    2,150 sure my entire squadron would love to go, ill pass on the registration info
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    This is a great time to remember our troops and veterans. July 4th, Independence day is three days away.
    Help support the great women and men by going to and buy a Husker Salute Challenge coin, a hat, of a t-shirt.
    Those purchases go to raise funds for our Husker Salute event Oct 20 -21, 2012.

    You can also donate to Husker Salute at our sight as well.

    This is our fifth year for the event.
    In the 4 years of the event we have reached out to over 1000 troops and veterans abd their families. This event is a great week end
    for these folks

    Here is a special reminder. If you see a veteran of Viet Nam be sure to greet them with a hearty hand shake
    and say " welcome home". They need a special reminder that we care.

    Thanks Gary

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    Anyone Wishing to help our veterans should go to and buy a Nebraska Military challenge coin, a Hat or a Husker Salute T-Shirt. If you just waNT TO DONATE TO THE EVENT YOU CAN DO THAT TOO!
    Thanks gary

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    Gary and Dan have started something that is a labor of love. Everyone involved in the weekend demonstrates why people outside the great state of Nebraska are amazed at the class of the Husker fan base. It's something you have to experience first hand ( I've been fortunate to experience it for the past eight years) to appreciate.

    THANK YOU Gary and Dan
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