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Thread: Frustrated With the Current Lull

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    Yeah all 4-stars of him...

    Quote Originally Posted by USMC_BugEater View Post
    Mr. Newby is a lull breaker.
    Notre Dame only had one Rudy but Nebraska gets a new crop of Rudys every season

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    Come on Stanton! Hop on the train and break the lull.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShortSideOption View Post
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if you wish our recruits looked better right now then they do, then you are in for a rough rest of your life as a Husker fan when it comes to the recruiting front.

    We have 4 four stars, 6 3 stars, and a 5 star long snapper (just to re-iterate, Rivals ranks long snappers like kickers except they don't give them their own category. To let you know, Janikowski would have been a 2 star or low low 3 star on Rivals). All of our 3 stars except for 2 of them (the long snapper who is a 5 star and Samuelson so actually just one) are a slight bump away from being a 4 star player per Rivals. Being ranked a 5.7 on Rivals' scale means you are a VERY GOOD high school player. Go watch Love and Natter's film to just name a couple, tell me you aren't excited about these "3 stars".

    Again, eveyone is entitle to their opinion. But there is a lot of excitement about this class and not seeing it is somewhat puzzling. Comparing us to Iowa right now is not even worth it. It's like being mad at the marathon runner that is running with the pack at the 5 mile mark and thinking he is going to lose, when in reality he hasn't even ramped up the pace yet.
    Great post & a great example in bold!

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