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Thread: Football 202

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    Football 202

    Did anyone attend Football 202 yesterday? I really wanted to attend this year but it just didn't work out. I went about 3 years ago and enjoyed it except for a few minor details (folding chairs, no snacks).

    I would be interested in the thoughts of someone that went yesterday...thanks.

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    This was the first one I missed in four years. I was out of town when the initial announcement was made, so I was surprised when the last announcment was made a week ago. The very early date and the missed notice made it impossible for me this year. Would love to get a report as well.

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    Cross The Big10 version of Burkhead.

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    I will also add this, While not directly from 202, look for Cross to play as a freshman.
    Since I know coach Beck has spoken the words...Look for an improved TM, after all when TM audibled or checked into a diffrent play 88% of the time that play went 4 yards or more, think about that.
    Not saying TM changed Becks call 88%of the time, but when he was reading the D in certin situations this was TM call.

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