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Expectations, thing or things to look forward to. The probability of the outcome of the season. Considering all the many turns and changes of direction for the program, I would imagine that many things begin to build upward on the foundation that has been constructed. The program has wandered for over a decade after it's great success. Looking at the state of the program the staff appears to be in place and beginning to understand each other. They were themselves learning another new offense. The head coach was learning on the job how to be a head coach. The program itself left what they knew of the Big 12 and transitioned to the Big 10. Bo took a lighted faster defense into a conference known for big rugged offensive fronts. So many changes of directions that one should admire the constant nine win seasons and not linger to long on pains of growth.

Now that the foundation has been set I think that Bo should be more comfortable in his roll. The offense can work on refinement rather than coaches and players alike learning as they go. Redshirting and the walkon program begin to pay dividends. Less positions being filled by underclassmen and tighter feeling among the players as they grow together. That creates leadership and a collective purpose to achieve goals. Players playing faster because they understand the concepts and techniques. That probability becomes greater that success will come. Expectations become higher with confidence.

The league itself has its own dynamics. Players depart and new players arrive. What was once a veteran team becomes questioned as younger player step up. The dynamics are always changing from year to year. Some superstars move on and others appear. For Nebraska they finally are seeing a quarterback that has paid some dues and now for the first time settles in on an offense and work on refinement. An offensive front that has many players with game experience. They as well refine their game. We have a plethora of receivers of all types. Some big, some fast, some with blocking ability and youngsters with pedigrees on the rise. We have that consummate workhorse of a running back and another big horse backing him up. Nebraska with most likely the best kicking game in the league. A blue collar defense that now can expand its game. Nebraska has a lot of good things to hang their hats on.

We keep hearing about the process. Always growing and evolving. It wasn't too long ago we saw freshmen manning the offensive front. An underclassman for a quarterback. The dynamics have changed for Nebraska. One must expect big growth now that the foundation is in place. Growth for the staff as well as the players which both have paid their dues. I read some on the board saying they haven't seen the progress on the field. They have a valid point. I also have been around long enough to know how growth and time changes the dynamics. I expect that big step. That arrival of this program in the league. Tough schedule. Sure, it's not going to be easy. It never will in this league for any team. Yet I feel that it's just about ready to bust out. It's about our turn as far as dynamics are concerned. I'm optimistic even with this schedule. As the coaches say, one game at a time. Every team will have obstacles to overcome. Just maybe attrition can be beaten with more pieces in place to protect the expectations..

Excellent, Train...and that last line is fabulous.