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Thread: Tip O' The Cap To Creighton

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    They made my Mom happy and I applaud them for that.

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    I don't HATE any of those teams......I just don't want them to be able to 'compete' for the same athletes that may consider NEBRASKA ....I do realize that those are few and far between but if it is more than ZERO it is too many.

    In basketball Agau is an example - Creighton should never be a consideration - but it is....why would I cheer that decision?

    Being from Wisconsin and an avid Marquette fan - there is no way I want Wisconsin to be successful IN ANYTHING....I want Wisconsin kids to ONLY consider Marquette as the logical choice for their talents. And yes Marquette is predominantly a basketball school only - so why should it make any difference if a kid goes to Wisconsin to play football - well here is why - success matters - the media covers success - good press affects a kid's perception of a place ......

    So in turn, Creighton's success in baseball - affects the media - and obviously even the people on a HUSKER bulletin board - if there is a kid out there who can play baseball I don't want him to consider Creighton as a potential home....EVER .... And by extension in my mind what is good for Creighton baseball is bad for Nebraska baseball

    Now maybe there aren't kids on the Creighton baseball team that would have been 'good' enough to be recruited by Nebraska......I don't know
    So in other words, you don't want a kid to pick Nebraska due to the merits of Nebraska, you want him to pick Nebraska due to the fact that there is no other school to pick, or to the fact that the other schools to pick suck.

    Gotcha, thanks for clarifying.

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    No I just want to eliminate the choices in his or her head.....if you want to cheer on Creighton no problem ....but as for me i will hope that Nebraska makes the College World Series before the jays do....

    I don't latch on to another team when mine isn't in it....
    Badger by birth - Husker by choice !!!

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