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Thread: out or homer?

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    ....out, you see that all the time with foul balls ...his legs appeared to be insode the playing field as he caught it. If the walls were higher, it would have been a routine jumper...ive seen that a few times with the extremely low center-right field wall the Oakland A's was always an out then
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    Somewhere in the 4-5 second part, it looks like the kids legs are casting a shadow on the top of the fence while holding the baseball in his glove. I'd say out, but thats with benefit of the video (and if I really am seeing shadows). I'm with Merle on this, that great a catch... I'd call it an out unless the kid is touching something out of bounds.
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    Anyone know what the real answer is?

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    Without going over all the opinions, that is an OUT! If he makes original contact with the ball, before it goes over, it is a home run. As you can see, he made the catch after he was over the low rail.

    I saw that live, and they explained it just like that. Case closed.... no guessing, no opinions.

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