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Thread: Huskers Offer All-Purpose Back Jojo Kemp

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    Orlando is a great place to boot....visited a few times when I was at Tyndall AFB in Panama City....

    Great to hear about the talent level...

    Quote Originally Posted by Beezer7 View Post
    This guy looks real good. DeLand is about 30 mins outside of Orlando, some serious talent down here.
    Notre Dame only had one Rudy but Nebraska gets a new crop of Rudys every season

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    Quote Originally Posted by HuskerRedDread View Post
    Kind of reminds me of Roy Helu, hits the hole quickly and if the blocking is done properly, you can put 6 on the board as no one on the field is going to catch him. I like that he has some of that "Rex" in him though, no one tackler is going to bring him down. This kid will gain moment during his senior year and I believe if we want this kid, there will be a big guys we have to go through for him. Would be a great get.
    U nailed it ! he has great energy and u are right about the Rex thing, he looks as tho he respectfully tells the first tackler to "piss off"

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    Quote Originally Posted by ACarl View Post
    I've never understood why people find the need to comment on this. The music in these videos reflect the associations the athletes have with their performance. Embrace the music to better understand the athlete's psyche, or don't--mute the video. How does a stranger's normative musical preferences have anything to do with these kids?
    i agree. if this is what he listens too so be it. Heck im almost 32 with four kids and that is still what i listen too. Not with kids in the car of course

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