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Thread: Herbie and Lil' Red have their own football cards

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    Herbie and Lil' Red have their own football cards

    I found this kinda interesting as a former collector of football, baseball and basketball cards. Crusing eBay looking for more Husker memorabilia to add to my collection (a daily ritual here) and came across this...

    Thought that was a pretty cool thing to do by Upper deck. Then just today I was doing my usual search and found one of these:

    in the description of the auction for the Lil' Red card, they gave a link to an Upper Deck site explaining these mascot cards and the rarity of them and breaks down the odds of getting one. and Lil' Red is one of five of the most rare cards in the series, Herbie is one of the more common.

    here's the link to Upper Deck about the odds of getting the different mascots throughout college football and the rarity of each...

    I'm watching to see what Lil' Red card ends up selling for... it is sitting at $113.50 in just 9 hours of bidding and there are 3 days and 14 hours left...GBR!!!

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    The Blond Herbie is more rare. Harry Husker is the rarest!

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