The story of the former sex offender has been all over the web of have to wonder if this will hurt their recruitng at all and if this could have the NCAA sniffing around again....not good news for Ohio State after the whole Tressel thing....

Does not help Urban Meyer either with the things written about him just recently while he was at Florida...Pretty damning stuff that you can be sure will used against Meyer and staff on the recruting trail....Meyer himself is the king of negative recruiting so this won't help him in my opinion....

Anzalone, one of the most sought after football recruits in the nation, de-committed Friday afternoon after disturbing news surfaced that a Buckeyes fan who gained access to players and recruits is a convicted sex offender.

The sex offender, Charles Eric Waugh of Kentucky, has been reaching out to Ohio State players and recruits, personally and via social media.

He made contact with Anzalone during a recruiting visit to Columbus, Ohio, April 21. A photograph of Waugh with Anzalone and two other recruits was posted on a fan website, as were other photographs of the sex offender with a Buckeyes player and the school mascot, Brutus.

"There's a disconnect between what Alex thought was was there (at Ohio State) and what is actually there," said his father, Dr. Sal Anzalone.

"Something's just not right at Ohio State," Sal Anzalone said. "It's not for him."

"You don't want your son to go to a place where there's a potential issue (like this)," Sal Anzalone said. "You expect the (football) staff to have some sort of control on how things are handled with recruits when they visit. This is ridiculous.

"I was concerned with what recruits do, and with them being allowed to visit these kind of places where it puts kids at risk. That's the issue. You entrust people (at the school) to do the right thing."
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