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Thread: Is there a vibe there hasn't been in a long time?? I think so

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    Is there a vibe there hasn't been in a long time?? I think so

    Per the Life In The Red Blog

    4. Tim Miles, Nebraska: Miles needs his own energy drink. He’s full of vigor. And he’s going to need it to make Nebraska relevant in Big Ten basketball. Doc Sadler couldn’t do it. But Miles’ mojo made him an attractive candidate for multiple jobs after leading Colorado State to a 20-win season last year and North Dakota State to the NCAA tournament before that. The Rams won seven games in his first season and NDSU had to transition to Division I. The Cornhuskers have a new practice facility and a new arena (under construction) that will become the team’s home in 2013. Drawing kids to Lincoln won’t be easy. But the facilities and Miles’ personality will definitely help.
    I just really get the feeling that there is much more energy, optimism, excitement, expectations, etc. than there has been since probably the early 90's. I really like this hire. I say that after reading a lot of the comments after the blog.

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    Yep! And he went out and got some people who know how to recruit! Lets also hope that they can coach the game also!

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    I'm drinking the new flavor of "High Energy Kool Aid"! Coach Miles is doing a great job keeping me juiced up.
    It's a great day to be a Husker Fan!
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    I would say that the whole package is helping to create the "buzz", new practice facility, new arena and new would have to be really pessimistic to be in the dumps about the future of Bball at DONU. I am the eternal optimist so it is not hard for me to believe!!

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    Doc was a good guy but not much to get excited about.. Lets hope coach Miles does create more buzz. GBR

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