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View Poll Results: In a larger playoff model (8/16) how should teams be selected?

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  • Purely Conference Winners

    4 23.53%
  • Purely BCS Rankings (Top 8 or 16)

    6 35.29%
  • Mixed Method - Some Conference Winners, Some BCS

    4 23.53%
  • Selection Committees - AP Poll, Coaches Poll, etc...

    3 17.65%
  • Teams With Best Record, Regardless of Title or Rank

    0 0%
  • Other

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Thread: Death, Taxes and Bracket Creep

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    Death, Taxes and Bracket Creep

    Benjamin Franklin said there are only two things certain in life - Death and Taxes. I'll add number three; Bracket Creep.

    Just as March Madness has grown bigger and bigger, you can bet that within a decade or so, we'll be looking at a larger college football playoff - probably 8 or 16 teams. My question is this:

    With an 8-team or 16-team playoff bracket, how would you prefer teams to be selected/seeded? Again, I'm not actually trying to debate the merits of a playoff - that's another conversation. If we were under a larger bracket system, how would you like teams to be chosen?

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    They have basically announced a 4 teamer and still virtually everyone is unhappy with the prospect.
    FREE POYER!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyberbach View Post
    Eenie Meenie Miney Mo
    A new controversy! I say it's gotta be:

    one potato, two potato....

    Much fairer.

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    I voted for top 8 or 16, but on second thought there is also a good case for mix of conference winners and rankings.

    I've heard a 16 team playoff discussed and was somewhat sold.
    1) First, the argument would be who deserves the 16 spot using the BCS rating, teams that you wouldn't really care who gets in unless it is your team on the bubble. Thus no big arguments about some deserving team being left out.
    2) This would allow that undefeated non BCS conference Cinderella teams a chance to get in. Thinking 1998 Tulane, 1999 Marshall, Boise State before they were taken seriously - teams that went undefeated but couldn't break into the top 10 - now the cinderellas get the same opportunity as the big boys.
    3) The bowls would be kind of goofed up but somehow could tie in with the playoffs.

    Concerning a mix of conference champs and ratings, this has merit also. Similar to basketball the conference champs could get 10 an automatic bid. This might push out some top 10 teams that aren't conference champs, but that might be acceptable. Still keep the field to 16.

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    NFL here we come.
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    I think 16 is too many. 8 would be fine. It would probably lead to controversy but id add this contingency: top 8 in bcs unless someone lower than 8 is undefeated. Then the lowest ranking bcs team would be thrown out in favor of the undefeated team.
    Years ago Mike Leach brought up using a 64 team playoff and reducing the regular season to ten games. Thus the max games played would be 16. That would be interesting.
    I wouldn't mind trimming the regular season back a bit...we had 3 gimme games last season

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    Quote Originally Posted by USMC_BugEater View Post
    NFL here we come.

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    The bracket needs to be big enough so that the the Huskers get in every year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by utsker View Post
    The Huskers need to be good enough to get in every year.

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